Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good times, Great Friends!

Tonight we met friends Bill and Diane and Nick and Terry at Heinnies for dinner. What fun we had. Heinnies was great as usual. I had a steak salad and it was very good. Terry had the tenderloin and enjoyed his as well. It was great fun just being with a group. . . seems like forever since we have seen or visited with anyone. We have known Nick and Terry (Gypsy Journal publishers) for several years and we met Bill and Diane at the first Gypsy Journal rally. We enjoyed sharing stories with each other while Nick gave the waitress a hard time. She was quick, however, and started firing right back at him. It was great fun and she did a nice job waiting on us. . . not an easy feat.

We have been working (as we usually do in the summer) on our rentals. We are having new windows put in one duplex and we have two sliding glass doors to replace. The doors are losing their weatherstripping and getting sloppy, letting in lots of cold air in the winter. They are obsolete of course and it is cheaper to replace them than to try and repair them, since parts are not available. I also have been busy cleaning out the "storage condo" and have the remnants of our past life stacked at the end of a downstairs bedroom. Some of the boxes are the kids' and someday they will have to come get it. But for now, we have the storage. I hope next year to start back through the closets upstairs and clean out more and more "stuff" and get what is stacked in the room put away in closets or elsewhere. Every year we take another truck load of stuff to Good Will and we did that today. I think we took 15 or so boxes. The bedroom is now cleared out enough and it is actually usable as a bedroom once again. That was my goal for the summer. We also bought an industrial paper shredder. We have 30 or so years of financial records from Terry's parents that need shredding. Since they were in the house building business we have lots of contracts, etc., to dispose of. That is a slow process, even with a good shredder.

Next week Brandon and his girlfriend will be here. They are coming to attend Brandon's 10-year high school reunion. Wow! Hard to believe my "baby" has been out of high school for that long. Time flies. It will be good to see them.

Till next time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

OK, now you're really making us hungry! Heinnie's....:)!
Please don't start talking about Butter Burgers and Culver's Ice Cream until we are almost there!
Hope to see you in Sept!

Dale said...

Can't wait to see you guys. Haven't been to Culver's in a long time. I thought your lobster bake sounded good. When we went to Maine years ago, I ate so much lobster. Had never had it before.