Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weather watchers!

We have a tornado watch for tonight, but it doesn't look too bad out there, just a little overcast. We have really been missed this year in terms of severe weather here in northern Indiana. The weather has been cooler than I can ever remember. I think it was one of the coolest Julys on record. Hmmmm, wonder what "Al" thinks is causing that. And it has been quite dry as well. That is until Monday. We got a deluge in the morning. I mean campers were off loading their kayaks in anticipation of needing them to get to WalMart! I don't know what the total inches of rain amounted to, but I think it was over four! Warsaw got 6.2 by noon I think. In the words of Stan Wood, Indy's former weather guru, "It was a gully washer!" At one time, rain was forcast for every day this week, but so far, nothing else has happened. But we could have some rain tonight, so we are taking stuff in so it won't get wet.

The purple martins are flying by the dozens over our heads at night. I can only hope they are eating mosquitos. There haven't been many to "bug" us this year, but after the rain Monday, we have noticed a few. We also are seeing more sandhill cranes in the fields north of CR4 just east of the park. For the last two years, we have seen two and the other night we saw about six, so that was great.

Tomorrow is a big day. Son Brandon and his girlfriend Megan are flying to Indianapolis and driving up to Warsaw to see my parents and sister and family. We will drive down and meet them there and we will all go out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. Then the kids will drive up to Goshen and spend the night with us. They are coming for Brandon's tenth year high school reunion. Wow. Time flies, doesn't it? Friday they are going to Purdue as Brandon wants to show Megan the campus and then Saturday they go to the Anderson Horse Park and Casino for the reunion. They fly back to Florida on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend for all!

Next week we are having new windows installed in the last duplex that needs them. Also we are replacing two sliding glass doors which should result in a warmer winter for our tenants. We have wonderful tenants and we want to keep them happy so they don't move!

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

We're headed to Elkhart today to get our AC repaired. I sure hope the tornado activity is subsided. Maybe we'll make a connection with you guys this time.

Have fun with your family, they are a most treasured gift.

Happy trails - Susan

Dale said...

Susan, Let us know when you get here.