Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Down Under

Last evening was a real treat. We drove to Syracuse to have dinner with my best high school friend and her husband. We try to connect a couple times during the summer when we are in northern Indiana. They moved out of Goshen several years ago and put a house on 46 acres on SR 13. The house is way back in down a lane with trees and forest on all sides. When they first moved here, you could see the home site from the highway, but no more. When you get back in there, it is like another world, nothing but forestation can be seen. Over the years they have made a beautiful place and have resinstated natural grasses and vegetation native to the area. Jim has a path mowed around the perimeter of most of the area and he took us on a tour around the acreage. Years ago, he and Luanne planted thousands of trees. . . pines, oak, ash, etc., and they are all very tall now. There are many deer and last spring while mushroom hunting, Luanne came upon a baby fawn curled up and sleeping in the tall grass close to the trail. She did not disturb him but was able to snap his picture. Such a little beauty.

We then drove on into the town of Syracuse and ate at The Down Under. This is a restaurant which is located UNDER the town center. At the main intersection in town, one corner is vacant and looks like a walkway access for the shops that sit behind it. There is a gazebo on the corner and you enter there and trek down the spiral steps to the underground "cavern." It's a little "plainer" than I had anticipated, but the food was excellent and we enjoyed our meal. We all got something different--fish, shrimp, Philly cheesesteak, and I got flat-iron steak. It was all very good and I am glad we made this choice for dinner.

Afterwards, we went back to Jim and Luanne's and played cards until we needed to get back. Neal was home alone and we try not to leave him for too long. It was a great evening and we will have to do it again!

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