Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Busy Playing. . .

Sorry for the delay in posting. When you are living with and entertaining a two-year old, there isn't much time to do anything else. But we certainly enjoyed Ronan and his parents, and I miss them already.

On Thursday, the 23rd, we loaded Ronan in his car seat in the passenger seat of the motorhome. We were hopeful that he would enjoy the ride to Illinois from up high and we weren't disappointed. He rode the entire way. We fueled once and I did a quick diaper change then, and he didn't start getting antsy until we only had about 30 miles to go. He really liked riding in Grandma's motorhome. Jocelyn followed behind us in her car with Whiskey the poodle. We arrived in Mahomet, Illinois, and camped at the Tin Cup RV Park. The host had been very cordial on the phone, but I was less than pleased with the arrangements. They have tent sites for which they charge and I assumed that was where they would put the kids, but instead they said they were to camp on the hill on our far side. What? Well, we made the best of it, but we placed them out our front door and that worked perfectly. It was the best place for them as Ronan had decided he didn't want to sleep in the tent. He camped with them last year, but it is different as a 2-year old. So Jocelyn and Ronan slept on the couch in the motorhome. The second night we were there it stormed with lots of thundering and lightening. I woke up once and leaned forward to check on Neal and saw Whiskey laying at the foot of our bed. Hah. The dog loves me.

Tom joined us all on Saturday night, having finished his 10-day jump start on his graduate work. I imagine they were a little cramped on the sofa bed, but they didn't complain. Before they turned in for the night, they took Whiskey and Ronan to a dog park and let Whiskey run. Whiskey has been on a very strict regimen as he recovers from heartworm treatment. But he has done wonderfully and Saturday was the night they could let him run. He was a little unsure of what he could do, but he will get used to it. He has had a rough way to go as a rescue, but he has found a wonderful forever home with the kids. And he adores Ronan. He loved Neal as well and was very comfortable with us. He had started out being very skittish; but while they were at our house, I worked with him a lot and we get along well. While they were packing up the tent to leave on Sunday morning, Ronan decided he wanted to drive. He was excited about leaving and Whiskey was ready to go. They are home now in Virginia.

We left on Monday and went to central Indiana for a doctor's appointment. While there we visited with our friends Jim and Joy. I taught with them both and we all retired the same year. Joy is fighting cancer again, having survived breast and bladder cancer. She is having a lot of chemo therapy and it will be rough going for her (and Jim) this summer. Please say a prayer for her.

We are now in Shipshewana where we are camping right next to the flea market. I love this place. We spent Monday at some shops in town and today we did the flea market. By being camped this close, we could go for a few hours, then come home and rest, then go back out. We don't buy a lot, but it is good exercise and more interesting than walking around the block. That is Phaeton Place in the middle of the one picture.

We are parked right next to a BT Cruiser, a 23 foot class B motorhome, or probably more like a B+. We are interested in looking at one to buy, not necessarily a BT Cruiser, but a B+. If you see one in your travels, leave me a comment and let me know where.

Tomorrow we are headed to Elkhart Campground to meet up with some friends. We enjoy staying there because sooner or later. . . everyone comes through there!

Till next time. . .


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