Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back home again in South Dakota!

Sioux Falls, that is. We made it here on Wednesday and got all checked in to the Yogi Bear Jellystone campground. This is about the most we have spent on a campground, right at $40 a night, but it is a very nice campground. All pull through sites, manicured lawns, playgrounds for kids, lots of activities, a pool, and nice campers.

We got all set up and then went into town and picked up our mail at Alternative Resources, our mail forwarder. They double-checked with us if we had all the necessary documents to get our licenses renewed. We did, so we went on next door to our insurance agent. Our Progressive insurance which we have had for probably 15 years has taken quite a leap in premiums and we haven't had any claims. They did some digging and found we could get the same coverage in a policy from GMAC and it is considerably less. In fact, there is a difference of about $700 for the year. Awesome savings! So we got that set up. Then it was over to Wells Fargo and got some questions answered, plus got checks ordered and Terry's card activated. All good to go.

We left the driver's licenses for today, along with the RV/car tags. We got into the business building at about 9:10 and walked out at 10:00. There was only one person in front of us for the license tags. Unfortunately, we didn't know that they no longer take credit cards. . . it's cash or cashier's check. I didn't have enough cash on me, but they did have a cash machine just down the hall. No problem. I went and got the cash and we got that business taken care of. We were there a little longer because Marlin and Terry were talking "bus conversions." It seems that the clerk, Marlin, wants to go full time when he retires, so he was picking Terry's brain about different coaches, etc. They had a good time discussing that and he was a very nice guy. We hope he keeps our card and looks us up when he retires and hits the road.

Next up was driver's licenses. We went up to the second floor and walked in to a room filled with just a couple other people waiting. We went to the reception desk and the gal there made sure we had all our proper documents. She said we got a "gold star" for having everything in order. We had a form to fill out and when they called us up, we filled out a residency paper. After that, we had our pictures taken and then in a couple minutes our licenses were ready and we were on our way. That took about 20 minutes.

We have been spending some time sitting outside in the gorgeous weather here. . . about 80 degrees and sunny. It is cool enough in the evening and early morning to need a light jacket. It's about the most perfect weather we have found in awhile. Tomorrow we will explore a little more. We did see a buffalo herd today. It's not too far away.

Saturday we are leaving and are headed west. Since the weather is nice and promises to be a bit longer, we are going to the Badlands. It has been 30 years since we have been there and we want to see it again.

Till next time. . .


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Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely time of year for South Dakota. We will miss our "state of residence" now that we've relocated ourselves to Florida for a chunk of the winter.
We are happy to vote in a state where we could "swing" something our way, lol! Safe travels! Susan