Thursday, July 29, 2010

More casinos!

While in Munising, we took took a drive up to Miner's Castle. This is a rock formation on the cliffs of Lake Superior. We got a good look at the Castle and the lagoon that lays at the bottom of the cliff. We could look across the bay, Trout Bay, and see the famous "pictured rocks." We were able to see them from several angles by the drives we took. There are boat rides you can take to see them from the water and we would have enjoyed that, but once again, we don't want to leave Neal, our dog, for that long. A pet is a big responsibility and Neal is 14 years old. He doesn't really require more care, but more potty breaks, etc., so we want to make sure he is cared for. We do love our boy.

While we were there, however, the ranger pointed out the resident eagle in a tree above Miner's Castle. I got some pictures of him, but he was far away. You can, however, see him clearly. We also saw some kayakers in the water. They were the Hobi Adventure Island Kayaks and I want one. They were pretty cool. They have sails and outriggers and paddle action foot gear which propels the boat through the water. Very cool. Did I say I want one?

We drove out to Sand Point on our way back from Miner's Castle and visited an old Coast Guard station. It wasn't called that back then, but they had a boathouse with a boat on runners that they could push or wench it out to the lake. It was on the shore and the rails went straight out to the water for a quick launch. It was used for water rescues.

When we left Munising, we headed over to Brimley, Michigan. Along the way we stopped at the Frontier Bar and Campground. Surprisingly, it was a decent camp with wide open spaces and not too many using the back row. We had full hookups and good 50Amp service. We were just there for overnight and then continue on to Brimley.

In Brimley we parked at the Bay Mills Indian Casino RV Park. If you are noticing a common theme here, it is casinos. We are not gamblers, although we don't mind being entertained a bit. But many casinos today have RV Parks and MOST offer very nice RV facilities at very reasonable prices. The hope is that you will enter the casino and spend big bucks as well, but that isn't for us.

As it was, we went to one casino which gave free play for new customers (many do), but because my birthday was this month, I got double free play! Whoo Hoo! So I immediately went to the "special machines" this casino set aside for using the free tokens and won $58. So now when we go into a casino, I pull out some of that money and play. I still have some of it left and I have been entertained a great deal! Playing like we do, it would be a miracle if either of us hit on anything, but like I said. . . we just hope to be entertained for a bit.

While we were staying at Brimley, we did do some sightseeing and visited the Iroquois Light, a lighthouse on Lake Superior. It is on the west side of the Soo Locks and ships must pass through this area going to/from the locks. While we were visiting the light, a freighter was passing through the bay and I was able to snap some pictures. There were 72 steps to the top of the light. There is no longer a lens in the light tower, but the view is really great.

I have been impressed with the water in Lake Superior. The water is so clear that I imagine you could see for several feet if you were out in the water. The beaches are clean and the water is not dirty at all. It was cold, however, and we didn't feel inclined to do any swimming.

Have I mentioned the weather up here? Since we left northern Indiana early in the month, our weather has been gorgeous. I think we may have had some showers one day, but it has always been in the low 70's to mid 80's for daytime temps and 60's at night. This has been through South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and the U.P. It has been perfect for sightseeing and driving around. Sunny and clear and warm, but not hot. Couldn't be better. I know Indiana has been sweltering and we thought as we came south it would start to heat up, but so far the temps are holding. Whoo hoo!

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