Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camping on Lake Superior

We arrived here at the Munising Tourist Park Campground (Munising, Michigan, U.P.) mid-afternoon. It was not where we intended to stay, but the other campground didn't work out. It looked to be a pretty nice camp, but they were supposed to be a Passport America camp, in fact, they are. . . but not today. . . not to us. They said they don't honor it during July (how convenient). The book said "subject to availability," and they were about 50% booked. Hmmmm. Terry had to give them a credit card number to hold a spot and she gave him a site number. When we got there she apologized and said that someone else had rented that spot we reserved and she had another one for us. I thought since they didn't have the site we reserved I would ask for a clarification on the Passport America problem. They said they don't honor it in July. I said then it needs to be in the book or on the website. They blamed PA for changing the information they had submitted. And that while they don't offer it for July, she is able to give it for one night only. So I said that instead of the two nights we had requested, we would take it for one night at PA prices. No can do. Because we had called to make a reservation, they cannot give it to us. . . only if you come in off the street unannounced, then you can get it. What a crock. In other words, "Yes we participate, but we don't ever give it out." Terry got pretty mad at this point and told her that we wouldn't take it period because that was not right and we did not care to do business with them. They said that was fine. I made them verify we would not be charged for any reservation, since they had actually cancelled our spot anyway. I will be calling PA tomorrow to complain.

We drove on east on US 2 and got frequent views of Lake Superior. We had rain most of the day but it wasn't a hard rain. We stopped at one roadside rest area and snapped a picture.

We eventually made it to Munising, Michigan, to a lake-side park. We are almost boondocking here. We have 30Amp and it isn't too good, but it is working so far. We walked a couple rows over and took a picture of the beautiful sunset over the lake. We are hanging out here tomorrow as well so we can watch the race. We have been missing them of late.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

What was the PA park? I'll mark it in my book to avoid.


Dale said...

Country Village RV Park is in Ishpeming, MI, U.P. While we were at the roadside rest area, a gentlemen from the Gichie Gumie Park (Marquette) right across the road came and offered us full hookups for $20. The park gets excellent ratings and had wide spacious lots with cable TV, etc. I thought we should go, but I didn't have enough votes. That would have been a better place to stay that where we are.