Friday, July 09, 2010

A day of exploring. . .

We try to see and do something different each time we come to Sioux Falls. The Falls themselves are most impressive and we normally see them each time we come, but we thought we would do something different this time.

We drove into the countryside and found another buffalo herd. We really weren't close enough to get a good picture, but they are impressive animals even from a distance. I imagine we will see more as we head over to the Black Hills.

We drove north to the Strawbale Winery. This is a winery housed in a new building that is made of straw bales. You may have seen such houses on television as there have been a few building shows which have featured them. This one was very nice. They had "truth" windows which were windows on the inside showing you the actual bales and the wire holding them in place. The inside and outside were finished in a sort of stucco and all the wiring was run through surface mounted conduit. It had a very rustic feel to it. They heat and cool it with a wall mounted heat pump which is about the size of a window air conditioner. And what was even better, they had wine to taste. Unfortunately, since I am still the designated driver, I cannot taste much. I asked for their sweetest wines and then picked one to taste. I liked it so I bought a bottle. It was cherry. Then the owner came out and insisted I try the black current wine. I didn't think I would like it, but it was very smooth, so I bought some of that as well.

After the wine tasting, we came back to the campsite and let Neal out and fixed supper. The park is supposed to be full this weekend and it certainly is looking that way. Kids are running everywhere unsupervised. I know people consider campgrounds to be very safe and I'm sure this one is very safe, but I fear for the little ones riding their bikes and their toddler toys out in the streets.

After dinner we drove out to Dell Rapids which is an area of the Little Sioux River which has rapids. This area, however, has had so much rain this spring and summer that the rapids are covered up and all you can see is a meandering river. While we were looking at the beautiful red/pink granite on the canyon, a couple with their daughter stopped in their jeep to look as well. The man was raised on a farm not far from the rapids and he described how they normally look in dryer periods. He said he had never seen as much water in the river as there is now. We talked on and on with this lovely couple, Tim and Lisa. Finally the conversation got around to where we are from, etc., and we told him about our passion for travel and the fact that we fulltime in our RV. As it turns out, Tim is a state representative for South Dakota. He has served four terms which is his limit and is now running for state senator. We talked to him about our lifestyle and how South Dakota allows us to enjoy being residents of this great state and travel at the same time. We had an enjoyable discussion and he seems to be positive about RV'ers claiming residency in his state. Those of you in his district might want to read up on him and even contact him about issues relating to RV'ers. He has Minnehaha county, except for Sioux Falls and Brandon. You can find him on the South Dakota state government website.

Tomorrow we leave here and will probably make it to Wall, South Dakota. Yes, we are stopping. . . maybe even for the night.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

We went to Wall. I can't say I was impressed. My thoughts were "tourist trap", but hey, that's what we're out here to do - sightsee, even the tourist traps - LOL! Enjoy.


Dale said...

We just go for the free ice water, Janice. Har har har.

We were there 30 years ago. Yep tourist trap. We had dinner there and bought something for Ronan.


jocelyn said...

Sioux quartzite. That's what that awesome rock is. :)

As for Wall, that's where I had an awesome root beer float. And I bought a belt because my pants kept falling down thanks to that awesome diet plan that is otherwise known as pregnancy.

Dale said...

I wish I had known about the root beer floats. That would have tasted good.