Friday, October 15, 2010

How now, Brown Cow-nty!

We are in Gnaw Bone, Indiana, just a short way down the road from Nashville, Indiana. We decided to come down here while we wait for Terry's final release from his doctors in Indy. That should come early next week, but we were tired of Indy and ready to do something different. So we came down here and decided to take in the sights.

For those of you unfamiliar with Brown County, it is where people go in Indiana to view the best fall colors. We are thinking we may be about a week too late, but others have said that the drought conditions resulted in few red colors. But there are a few and we are enjoying the beautiful colors that we do see.

Yesterday we arrived about noon and were able to shop down one side of the main street in Nashville before we pooped out. After we ate supper back at the motorhome, we walked around the camp and met all the dogs we could find. It had already filled up a bit. When we first arrived, there were only about a half dozen units in the camp, but it was probably about a third full when we got back from shopping.

Today we left early and went downtown again. There were already a lot of people there which was surprising for early on Friday. But we shopped the other side of the main street and some of the back alley shops as well. Terry said you could certainly see that living in the motorhome was having a big effect on our purchases because we didn't buy anything! Hah. There are a lot of craft things and items I think would look pretty to decorate a home with, but since I don't have a home to decorate, that solves that problem.

I did take some pictures of the downtown area and one picture in particular of a lovely flower known as cockscomb. It is very unique and these plants were very large and very pretty with deep rich colors.

We headed back to the motorhome for lunch and then took off once again. This time we drove into Brown County State Park and took time to look out over most of the vistas. Pictures never do much justice when you are looking out over valleys and trying to capture the colors, but they were very beautiful and you can get an idea from the pictures.

When we got back, we saw that the campground is nearly full. There are still a couple spots available, but not many. There are a couple group campouts which is always fun and some have decorated their sites with Halloween themes.

I see a winery across the road I need to check out tomorrow, but I don't think there is much else on the agenda.

Till next time. . .


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