Friday, October 29, 2010

Practice, practice, practice. . .

Yesterday we drove up to Cocoa Beach Pier. On Saturday and Sunday there is an air show at the local airport there and the Thunderbirds are performing. Of course, they must practice, so they do so over the beach. Brandon said he had heard they were really heating up the area with their displays of precision flying and we were anxious to go have a look. As we drove up, we saw the planes on the runway at Patrick AFB. They were parked very close together in formation and it was pretty cool.

As we were walking out to the beach, they were flying over. It was way too difficult to get good pictures. The sun was so bright that you could not see the jets in the camera viewfinder and by the time you snapped the pix, they were gone! We watched for almost an hour and they did not disappoint. They did numerous flyovers in various formations and a couple stunts which were quite awesome. We were glad we drove up for the practice. We also scouted out some beach access points where we might try to go and watch the shuttle launch on Monday.

Till next time. . .


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