Saturday, October 02, 2010


Okay, I have a puzzle for you. Can you guess what this is? It appears to be quite obvious. Check at the end for the answer.

We did another couple of doctor appointments in Indy early this week and then headed to Charlottesville. The original plan was to head to Florida when we leave here, but we will be going back to Indy. Terry's new ICD is working really well and he is feeling very good. Some of his bloodwork seems to be out of whack, however, so the doctors are making med changes and don't want us to leave for the winter without getting everything adjusted correctly. It could just be that with the device working better than the old one, he is getting better blood flow and that has changed the way his body deals with the meds. So we are cooperating and hope we can get on the road before long.

We stopped the other night at Dawson, West Virginia, at a park we have seen many times from the road. It wasn't a bad stop, but the sites are not level and it is mostly grass so we had to be careful where we drove through the camp. We did take a little tour through the countryside and Lewisburg, West Virginia. It is a very old town with many historical sites and a Civil War cemetery which we may explore another time.

We arrived at Charlottesville KOA at noon and got set up in our site. We chose a different site from usual and are happy to report that all our satellite systems work on this site. It is the only "satellite friendly" site in the park and fortunately we were able to snag it for our use. Of course, we did reserve it last April. That is different than the other campground choice in the area. There you may request a certain site, but you will NEVER get it. Even if they promise you. The KOA people here are extremely nice and very professional and while we don't normally use KOA's, this is the one exception.

We drove in and spent the afternoon and early evening with Jocelyn, Tom and Ronan. What fun. They are all doing well and Ronan was so excited to see us. Surprisingly, Whiskey, their standard poodle, came right up to me and wouldn't leave my side, wanting me to be "hands on" all the time. He is skittish with Terry, but loves his grandma. I think he is the same way with Sharon, his other grandma. We both took time when he was a new family member to work with him and it has certainly paid off. I brought gifts for everyone and didn't forget the dog!

Today we are going to pick Jocelyn up and take her to the farmer's market. That should be fun.

Ok, now for the answer to the question I posed at the beginning of my blog. If you guessed "spider web" you are WRONG. Amazingly it is the "DUST" left behind by a "long gone" spider web that apparently was blown away going down the road. I guess it's time to wash the rig!

Till next time. . .


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