Sunday, October 10, 2010


Jocelyn had commented from time to time about stinkbugs, but I seemingly failed to pick up on it. However, Virginia is OVERRUN by them this year. I have never seen so many of those ugly little creatures. Our last night there one was crawling on my arm and I jerked up and out of bed and literally tore the bed apart but never found him. In the morning, peering up at the ceiling. . . there he was. Grrrr. I made short work of him. Later that day, after we left Virginia and arrived in Ohio and set up camp, we must have eliminated over a dozen of those blasted little things. We have removed a stray one or two since then, but nothing like that first night on the road.

Thursday was our last day at the Charlottesville camp and Jocelyn brought Ronan out about noon. She had some things she wanted to do and a movie to attend, so we watched Ronan all afternoon. What a joy that little boy is. He runs (literally) from one thing to the other. We set up his trains on the picnic table and he and I played "trains" several times. We walked to the playground and played in the sand and on the swings. We shot a few hoops, walked to the pool to have a look, etc. Then we returned to the motorhome and watch a video about. . . guess what. . . TRAINS! Then he remembered the beaver pond from his previous trip out here last spring, so we hiked to the pond. We took a different route back from the pond, walking through the woods. We really enjoyed our time with our only grandchild and he seemed to like being with us. It amazes me that he comes out and never fusses about his parents not being here. He seems content to be with us. Later, Jocelyn and Tom came out bringing their newly sheared spoo (standard poodle) Whiskey. My he does look different all trimmed up.

We had a campfire going and grilled some steaks and had a great dinner with the kids. I had fixed Ronan a hot dog about an hour before they got here and he still ate steak, broccoli and a sweet potato for supper. It's the most I have seen him eat.

We broke camp Friday morning and headed toward Gallopolis, Ohio, for our first night. That is our usual stop when we are headed back this way. Normally, we would have been on our way to Florida, but we have a couple more doctor appointments for Terry this week before we can head out. From Gallopolis, we drove to Tab and Deanna's in St. Paris, Ohio, for a couple nights. Always good to see best friends when it is likely we won't seen them for a couple more months.

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