Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you say BBQ?

Well, these Texans take their BBQ seriously. This past weekend was the BBQ Cookoff, one of the "pre-rodeo" activities and they were anticipating a big crowd. We decided to go since we will probably never be here again for it and thought we might enjoy the activities.

While the BBQ is a big event, it is not all open to the public. Most of the tents are by invitation only. There are over 400 teams. . . yes, I said 400+ teams. They compete by cooking chicken, pork and brisket. The top prize in just one category is $15,000, money that the team then uses to sponsor scholarships. So there is a little money involved. The teams are set up in row after row of tents. Not your normal little pup tent, but large tents made to hold large crowds. Most of the teams create a false facade for the front of their tent to follow the theme/gimmick they have chosen to set their team apart from the others. Most all had matching team shirts and hats, so you could easily tell one team from another.

The cookers were very unique. Again, we aren't talking your average little table top BBQ, but large BBQ machines on trailers, all primarily wood fired to get that distinctive taste that will "wow" the judges. One of the BBQ's looked like a Continental airplane. I took a picture of it, but the side you see in my picture is not the cooker. The cooker was on the other side and the sides of the plane lifted up to reveal the cooking racks. Another was actually a tanker trailer that had been modified. The top was cut so that the entire top portion lifted to reveal the BBQ racks inside. When finished and ready to move, the top slides down and it looks like any other tanker truck going down the road. Very unique.

We had a very enjoyable time and for your admission price, you got a free plate of a BBQ sandwich, beans and chips. We went over with Mike and Pat and had a great time just walking around. There is a large carnival on the site which will continue to run during the rodeo which officially starts tomorrow. There have been many activities going on, but the main events start tomorrow. We are planning on going, but since it lasts for three weeks, we are going to go next week, hoping that the crowds will not be as bad.

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