Sunday, December 11, 2011

Down in the valley. . . the RGV that is. . .

Happens every year. . . I get down here in the RGV and I get what's known as the "valley crud." Just a typical cold/sinus infection, etc. . . not sure why I get it every year. I could actually escape it periodically living in Indiana, but not here. Terry just left to get me some orange juice and soup. It hasn't got a good hold, so maybe I can flush it out before it decides to stay.

I can't believe I haven't blogged since we got here. But I have been busy. Got all my Christmas letters out and finished up my Christmas shopping. Did it all online this year. Talk about lazy! Had stuff giftwrapped too. A little more expensive, but hey. . . time, fuel, etc., costs money too. I think I got everyone stuff they will enjoy. Terry is very hard to buy for, but I forced him to put some things on his list, so he won't be empty handed on Christmas morning.

We arrived here on November 29. We backed Phaeton Place in and hooked up and didn't do much else for a few days. I have been wanting to put out all my yard "bling" but the ground here is way too hard. They have had no rain for months and the ground is just like concrete. I finally put up our name and lot number signs because of mail deliveries. I used a long screwdriver of Dad's to drive into the ground to make a hole. It still wasn't easy. Yesterday's rain, however, will make short work of the rest of my yard stuff, though.

Spike, my Golden Barrel Cactus, is doing fabulously. Apparently, he doesn't mind the dry air. He IS from Arizona, however. I planted him just over a year ago and he is thriving. He is a beautiful plant. I love cactus. Last year when we were here briefly, I planted an aloe start. Some people down the street had dug up some starts and placed them out on the pavement for free. I planted two. . . one in the ground and one in a pot. The one in the ground was stepped on later and I thought she (Allie) might die, but she has come back stronger and beautiful. She has even straightened back up from the damage. The other one (Lily) in the pot did not fare as well, but she is still alive and I will now plant her since the ground will be easier to work.

Misty, my two-year old Poinsettia, is currently outside. She is still potted and has grown large and spindly. Her leaves are still beautiful, but they don't turn red. I've been told she is not an "outside pointsettia," but we are going to try. She is too large to easily carry in the motorhome anymore. Since we got here, I put her outside by the shed to shield her from the worst wind. Yesterday I moved her out from under the canopy in order to get rain water. She doesn't like it outside so this may not work, but I am trying to get her acclimated to the outdoors so I can plant her as well. I'm thinking I will plant her close to a downspout to take advantage of whatever rains we get here.

Yesterday when we woke up it was already raining. It continued to rain the entire day. There wasn't one moment it wasn't raining. It was a steady, soaking rain and I'm sure it was welcome to all the farmers in the area, so we aren't complaining. It should help keep the dust down a bit as well. It has been so long since the area has had rain, so it is a welcome event.

Since we have been here, we have been taking Dad to the doctor for weekly shots in his back. Since his knee replacement last spring, he has had back pain and it got severe enough to see a pain specialist. I'm not sure it is doing any good. I'm not real happy with the doctor here. Dad's back feels better after the shots, but then the pain returns a couple days later. Now he is complaining about his one leg and his knee. Not sure we are doing anything that is going to help all that. The weather has turned cool here with the rain, so we haven't been able to get him in the pool, which is what we need to do. The weather here has alternated between hot, cool and in between. I can't complain about it. Even with the cool weather, it doesn't last long and sometimes it warms up enough during the day to shed the sweatshirt.

We have learned from daughter Jocelyn and husband Tom that we are going to be grandparents again! How wonderful! A little brother/sister for Ronan. With Ronan they chose not to learn of the sex of the baby till he was born and I think that is what they decided this time. We never had that option! Early June is the scheduled arrival for the new wee one. Praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Congratulations!

Till next time. . .


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