Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ya gotta' wonder. . .

Nearly every year when we come to the valley we are greeted by some sort of road construction on and/or around Expressway 83. For several years, the frontage roads in front of us were torn up. They actually changed the elevation of the road which makes it impossible for us to enter at the first entrance to the park because of the steep grade. The back end of Phaeton Place would probably scrape and we want to avoid that, so we have to enter at Main Street which takes us down between Restful and Pleasant Valley, which is not a big deal. This year, most of the construction was finished, so we were looking forward to a construction free drive down 83.

Not to be. I guess when nothing else needs to be done, there is federal money available to change an intersection from an underpass to an overpass. Why, you ask? Who knows. But the intersection of Bryan Road and Exp 83 is being changed. Currently Bryan Road passes over the expressway via a bridge. It isn't that old. Now it is being changed and the expressway is being elevated by a new bridge. When it is done, Bryan Road will cease to going over the expressway and will instead pass underneath. Once again, the change that's being made will make the Bryan Road overpass into an underpass and the expressway which currently runs under the bridge will then pass over Bryan Road on a new bridge. Hmmmmm. Me thinks this is silly. I don't understand it.

We have been attending the jams here in the park. These are like karaoke with a live band. Some parks allow participants "by invitation only," but not our park. So we get a lot of "performers" who are past their prime and others who never had a prime. There are some good performers/singers as well. The band, however, is always good. They play along providing excellent accompaniment even though they may be unfamiliar with a song. All they know is the key to play in and they are off. They are superb musicians and a couple may have played professionally in their earlier years.

Thursday night we were rewarded at the jam by actually having a professional entertainer. I noticed the man sitting down the row from us. I noticed his sunglasses first and later learned he was blind. He and his wife are from Branson, Missouri, and were visiting friends. Turns out his name is Willie Nash and he performs with The World Famous Platters in Branson. Talk about a treat! He sang "Unchained Melody" and rocked the house! A very melodious voice and even though the band was not familiar with the tune, he sang beautifully. It was lovely. I greeted him afterward and told him how much I enjoyed his song and hoped I had an opportunity to hear him again. A very nice Christmas present to those of us who gather weekly to enjoy the music.

Winter has settled into the Rio Grande Valley. It is still rainy many days of the week and it is colder now. . .in the 50's. It is windy today with a north wind. . . never good news for down here. But we are still not complaining as those up north are suffering more weather woes than we are. And the valley can still use the moisture, so it's all good.

Tomorrow we will exchange our gifts and go with Mom and Dad to the hall for Christmas dinner at 1 p.m. We each have food to take. It's a big pitch-in with the park furnishing the turkey and ham. Yum yum.

To all my readers, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For those of you traveling, Godspeed and pray you make your destinations safely.

Till next time. . .


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Have a very merry Christmas.