Monday, December 19, 2011

Never say never. . .

I said I wasn't going to complain about the rain in the RGV because they have been suffering from drought here in Texas. But it does begin to grow weary on me after two weeks. So let's just say I would prefer a little better mix with the weather. Perhaps a couple days of warm sunshine interspersed with the rain. I will say that Ally my aloe plant and Spike the barrel cactus seem to be soaking up the water just fine. I think Ally has doubled in size since we have been here. I can't believe how much bigger she looks. Her sister Lily is still getting acclimated to being in the ground, but I expect she will begin to grow soon. She is looking better.

It has pretty much rained most days in recent memory. Today is only a 20% chance, however, and the sun is supposed to shine on 82 degrees. I'm holding the weatherman to that. The wind has changed direction and is once again out of the south, so that is a good start. Whenever the wind comes from the north, expect nasty weather. So all you people wintering up north, please keep your wind and cold temps up there!

We have been hitting some of the park patio sales. Not that we need to buy anything. . . I did hear Terry say something about a table saw. Grrrrr. It is fun to go and look and meet people and that's what we do. We got a couple cheap movies the other day and Terry can usually pick up some trinkets he needs. Most parks have craft sales in the main hall on the same day, so it is fun to go look at crafts people have made and have for sale.

Our park had a craft and patio sale last week. I did pretty good. Last summer I cleaned out my jewelry box. I had 40 years of mostly costume jewelry I had acquired to wear with different outfits when I was working. I bagged it all up into little zip lock baggies and priced it very cheap. One woman bought almost $10 which was a lot considering most of it I sold for 25 cents or less. But I am glad someone else can use it.

I have my Christmas shopping done and all is wrapped. We are going to go to Christmas dinner up at the hall next Sunday. It is always a good time. Mom and Dad are going with us.

Till next time. . .



longdog2 said...

Those of us that live in Texas are sick of the rain too. Well, maybe not the rain but the gloomy weather. Just rain buckets and then the sun needs to come out. We are not used to sunless skies. And definitely keep that cold weather up north where some people actually enjoy it. I love warm sunny Christmas weather myself.

Tom Williams said...

Are you sure you are in Texas not Washington state? Rain and gloom. Have you feet started to web yet?
Well the only way to break a drought is with rain. So it can't be all bad.

Have a dry and Merry Christmas.