Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weather is improving!

Greeting from south Texas!

Yesterday morning we were treated to this beautiful sunrise. It was equally as impressive this morning, but I wasn't ready to go outside to take a picture.

We are having really cool nights. . . down in the 40's. But the warming trend is upon us and the last two days have been wonderfully comfortable. In the mid-70's which is perfect for sitting outside, riding the bike, or walking. We have been doing some of each. We are hoping the nice weather continues. But it is warmer and nicer than back in Indiana, where I believe there is snow on the ground at our apartments. Thankfully, however, our manager has not had to plow any snow this season. It has been light enough and sparse enough that it is gone quickly. The warmer weather here is really nice. As we get older, we are less thrilled about the cold weather and the cold we get here in south Texas is so brief we don't mind it.

Terry got me an Ipod Touch for Christmas. There is a bit of a learning curve with it. I was all ready to sync it with my Mac when I found out that all those updates for the Mac and ITunes were now important if I wanted the computer to recognize the Ipod. So I spent most of one day just updating stuff on the computer. I still have one update to go, but it has to do with buying stuff and I'm not in a hurry to do that. I've got the Mac and Ipod talking to each other now.

Brandon and Megan gave us a GTAblet (Android) for helping out before/during/after the wedding. We had gotten them an IPad for Christmas, so they gave us their almost new Android tablet. I had pretty much figured it out. Of note was that I was able to download a Kindle app, and I got all my Kindle books on the Android. So I was anxious to get the Kindle app for the Ipod. Success! So now my Kindle books are synched on the Kindle/Android/Ipod. That means I can continue reading the same thing on any device. It remembers where I am, etc. I tell you, this modern technology is something else. I'm not excited about reading books on the Ipod, but it just takes some getting used to. I primarily want to have that option for when we go out to places Terry needs to go, i.e., Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. It's not uncommon for me to sit in the car while he shops. This way I can continue reading on a device I fit in my purse. Otherwise, I take my Kindle or the tablet. I have decided I don't like leaving those electronics in the car in the event I go in the store, so this solves the problem. When we take Dad to the doctor for his shots, we spend about 2 hours, so my devices have all had a workout. I would go nuts if I had to listen to Spanish language TV while in the doctor's waiting room! My biggest problem now seems to be keeping everything charged up!

I downloaded a couple games for the Ipod. I have been curious about "Angry Birds" so I downloaded it. Hahaha. What a funny little game. I'm hooked. Ronan, my four-year-old grandson will have to give me some pointers. It's stupid, mindless entertainment. . . just what I need sometimes.

I don't like messaging on the Ipod. Give me a full keyboard any day and I am much happier. Must be from 34 years of teaching typing! But I do manage to get the job done.

Terry and I had our eye exams a couple weeks ago and we each got two new pairs of glasses. I had to wait on one pair because they are brown and I wanted the brown transitions. We went to pick them up the other day. I couldn't even see out of them. Same prescription as the other, but waaaaaay too different when I tried them on. They checked the prescription and said they were correct. Yeah, right. I tried them about half the day and gave up. I went back to the eye doctor the next day and he checked them. The prescription is correct, but only one lens is centered. The other is high, creating a prism-like effect. So back next door to tell them. They are remaking them and were to have them done later in the day. We waited till the next day and went back. Oops. Seems they didn't have the brown lenses in stock, so I have to wait again. I'm not happy about this, but I do like the glasses. I hope they are correct when they come in. This is the second time (two different eyeglasses companies) in five years we have had glasses "mis-made." The last time was through Sears and what a fiasco. They first made both our glasses without bifocals in them. Then when we got them, they had Terry's left lens in my right and my right lens in his left. After they fixed all that, they put a prism in my one lens. What buffoons do they have doing this work? Terry eventually got glasses that worked for him, but I got a refund and took my prescription elsewhere. For my eyes, I expect much better work than this.

Plans are continuing for our Texas room. We are going to be starting it around the first of February. It will be about 12 x 30. John, our Canadian friend will be doing it. We may just get it framed up this year and finished next year. It will have a full bath, washer/dryer, kitchenette, and a living/dining room. I am anxious to get it done.

I think today will involve taking down my Christmas decorations. I don't put up too many so it won't take long. I did buy one of those white lighted "stick" trees on sale the other day. I think they are pretty and they were popular a few years ago. Since we have the place here, I have a spot for it and worried I wouldn't be able to find one. It was on sale, so I got it and will store it till next year.

Till next time. . .



longdog2 said...

Wow, sounds like your Texas room will take up the whole rest of your pad. Will it use the cover you have over your pad as the roof?

Dale said...

Well, we have two lots side by side. The motorhome sits on the side of one lot and the Texas room will be on the side of the other. It actually won't be under the canopy. We will have room to back in another rig between the motorhome and the Texas room for a temporary visitor.


Mike and Sandy said...

Found your very readable blog today. (I don't know why I haven't run across it until now--I read a lot of them.) We're thinking about getting a place in the RGV; coming down to look around in February. Your experiences have been enlightening and entertaining. Best wishes for the new year!

Dale said...

Mike and Sandy, Thanks for your comment. There is lots of room for more Winter Texans down here in the valley. Keep in touch as you get closer to your visit. Glad you enjoy the blog. Read some of yours and I see you changed your blinds. Hahaha If you go back on our blog to Thursday, September 8, 2011, you will see our new blinds. Terry did them himself. Handy to have a former woods teacher for a husband!