Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall appointments. . .

We arrived at Glowood Camp south of Lapel on Tuesday afternoon. Terry had two cardiology appointments on Wednesday in Indianapolis. Fortunately they were uneventful and went very well. Nothing has really changed with his heart, and that is good, so he is good to go for another six months.

We left there Thursday morning and stopped at the Hoosier Downs Casino in Anderson for a brief respite. I had fun playing, but didn't win anything. Terry, on the other hand, had a hot machine and played for quite some time. He won about $100. We were there a little over an hour and when his machine went cold we left. We had lunch in the motorhome in the parking lot, then drove US36 over to Summit Lake State Park north of New Castle. We are here for three nights and are supposed to have the Parkview Picnic tomorrow afternoon. Former colleagues who worked at Parkview Junior High try to meet every year about this time and visit over a pot-luck dinner. It is always great fun and I have to say we have never had bad weather. Until this year. Tonight we are having heavy thunderstorms and considerable lightning. The camp was pretty empty today except for our rig and Dave and Mark's, but tonight the weekenders came in droves. Lots of trailers in the 28' range. Nice looking units, but varying degrees of skill on the part of the drivers. It is dark and pouring down rain and many had trouble parking their rigs in the weather. It looks like the camp is pretty full now. I wonder if they will all stay the weekend or if they will be pulling out tomorrow. It is supposed to be colder tomorrow, only a high of 60, but a smaller chance of rain. It might make for a miserable picnic, but we will just have to wait and see and hope the predicted winds don't materialize.

I did have a treat today. Mark left for work this morning and Dave had to take a friend to the doctor in Indianapolis. Dave let me keep Baxter for the morning. Baxter is a 4 year old black Scottish Terrier who is all spunk. We went for three walks and played in the motorhome. What fun. He even slept some, but as you can see, it is still hard to get a good picture of a black Scottie. Dave was going to take Dylan, his older dog, with him, but decided to leave him here because he was so sleepy. So I did go check on him a couple times. I let him out once; but the second time, he woke up but didn't want to move, so I left him inside. I enjoyed taking care of the dogs.

Till next time. . .


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