Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to move on. . .

We are leaving the New Lisbon Family Campground tomorrow morning. We had moved here from the state park because here we have full hookups, so we can run all the water we want and do laundry, etc.

We have completed all our blood tests and doctor appointments, etc. It's good to have that behind us and a green light to take off once again. We have kept our doctors here in central Indiana because they have been our doctors for years and it's as easy to be here twice a year as anywhere else.

The camp here has had several transient campers coming in every evening. Tonight is the most we have seen. . . I think about six others besides us. There are a lot of seasonal campers here, but the overnighters have their own area and all the sites are long pull throughs. We have full hookups, 30 Amp and it is is easy in and out.

But it is now time to move on. When we started this venture ten days ago, the weather had just turned cool, then cold, now wet and rainy. It actually warmed up today and we were able to shed our jackets for the latter part of the day. We have just finished our evening walk. It was good we got finished when we did because now it is pouring down rain again.

Tomorrow we leave and head a few miles east to spend time with friends Tab and Deanna. They are the friends with whom we are going to Alaska next summer, so we will have another planning meeting. It's great fun. When we leave there, we are headed to Florida to check in on our son Brandon and wife Megan. We are anxious to see them.

Till next time. . .


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