Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Interesting and the Unusual . . .

Yesterday we were in Shipshewana. Phaeton Place is there at the National RV Refrigeration service center getting a new cooling unit. If any of you RV'ers run into a problem with your RV refrigerator cooling unit, you might want to check them out. Just talking with Leon, the owner, will get you an education. He is very well versed on the gas absorption refrigerators and what is known as the "Amish cooling unit." He actually does not use that one but has his own design which he warranties for three years. One guy who was there getting a new (used) refrigerator had been told by a Norcold service center that his refer was toast and he needed to buy an entirely new refer. He pulled out the old one, destroying it in the process. Leon said it was fixable. . . he said they all are. He sold them a used one with a new cooling unit and installed it. Ours should be done later today. He pulls the fridge, changes out the cooling unit and reinstalls it. Complete testing, etc., for $950. AND, Good Same ESP works with him. He actually is a Norcold service center as well. He said our boiler ruptured, and ammonia was spilled out (you could see it) and the "high temp switch" which was added on one of the recalls, shut the system down. There was the potential for fire. On our way back to the condo, we saw an Amish field of large hay rolls. Terry wondered outloud how they get the huge hay rolls without the big tractors, etc. Hahahah. A little way down the road and this picture explains that! Here a horse team is pulling one of those hay rollers!

We have a beautiful rose bush on the east side of the house. Terry's mom had planted it years ago. I cut it down every year because it always looks so bad, but it has really bloomed well this year. The flowers are beautiful and they are so vividly red in color!

We recently were at Factory RV Surplus on the curve on Indiana 19 and found this fellow greeting everyone who came in. You don't see too many of them, so this was a treat.


A couple days later, Terry found this guy when he went to tend to the water hose. Walking sticks are even rarer!

MinnieMee is now in storage. We put her in last week and plan to leave her there until we return here in the spring and get ready for our Alaska trip. We got one final shot of her and Phaeton Place together over at the campground. We are getting things here at the apartments finalized and are about ready to hit the road. That will come on Tuesday and we are anxious to get back on the road!

Saturday, Mom and Dad, my sister and husband and two of my cousins, Bob and Becky (on my Dad's side) and their spouses are coming over for a cookout. We haven't all seen each other in about 10 years. Whoo hoo!

Till next time. . .


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