Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to reality!

We are in Goshen now after a week with the Florida kids. It was so special to see our newest granddaughter. What a joy she is. What a joy her parents are as well. We are blessed with great kids, spouses, and grandkids!

We are spending some time now playing landlord and scheduling some work to be done on the apartments. We are planning a trip to Virginia next month to see the rest of the family. Grandkids grow up too fast. . . we have to keep checking in with them.

We also will be adding some four-legged furry friends to our family soon. More details later. Anxious to see them as well. It's been too long. We always said after Neal and Bailey were gone that we didn't want to add pets until we did the Alaska trip. . . well. . . IT'S DONE! I still can't believe we have been there and back. . . all 11,065 miles of it! Where did the summer go?

But we are ready to add to our family. Hope they will love us and much as we will love them!

More later. . .

Till next time. . .



Nan Talley said...

Back Home Again in Indiana! Good for you. We have just turned east from the Oregon coast...and miss it already.

Family is sooo important. Especially those grands and eventually the great grands.

Tab & Deanna said...

It is hard to believe that has passed already! Exciting about the new furkids! Tell terry he is still a slacker. Lol