Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sioux Narrows, Ontario to Tower, Minnesota

We left our camp and Burgess Island behind this morning, we were headed for the border. This will be the final crossing for us this trip. I don't like crossing the borders because it seems there is so much scrutiny it makes me feel uncomfortable. We just try to answer their questions truthfully and we normally get through quickly.

Terry was interested in these float planes. There were several this one company used. Really shined up nicely and I think Dave said this was the outfit that took them on a flightseeing trip recently.

Our drive was uneventful, except for more and more traffic. After the deserted highways on the Alaska trip, that is rather annoying. LOL

We treated ourselves to a stop at Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, Minnesota. It is the first casino we hit this trip and Terry did very well. He won enough to cover dinner, our campsite, my losses, and still pocketed some. A good day indeed.

Till next time. . .


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