Friday, August 16, 2013

Melbourne, Florida

Yesterday we met Mom, Dad, Jim and Nita in Warsaw and had lunch at a restaurant there. We were on our way to the Ft. Wayne airport to fly to Florida and wanted to visit with everyone before we left.

We made it to the airport in good time and waited on our flight. It arrived on time, but it took them over 45 minutes to unload the plane. People would just trickle off. They had quite a few people in wheelchairs but I still don't understand why it took so long. We finally got to board and we left about 20 minutes late. It was a good flight. . . a little bumpy in spots. When we arrived it was raining, but we got our luggage and made it to our rental car.

We had about a 1 1/2 hour drive to Melbourne. Our plane flew into Sanford instead of Orlando, but by flying from Ft. Wayne to Sanford, we could fly non-stop which is far preferable than the normal Atlanta leg.

We called the kids and they said we could come on over for a brief visit and I'm glad we did. I got to feed the baby, Brynlee. She is just precious. We are smitten. . . as we have been with the other two grandkids before her. But we bid our farewells as we were tired and had not eaten any supper. We stopped for a bite to eat and then drove on to our hotel.

This time we are staying in a new Holiday Inn Express and it is very nice. It is closer to Brandon's than our normal Hampton Inn up at Viera and it is just as nice. I probably like the breakfast better at the Hampton, but I can't complain.

Today we went back late morning and I certainly got in some baby time today. I want her to remember me so I have to spend as much time with her as I can. She is certainly a cutie. . . what can I say? Our grandchildren are all cute. The kids are overjoyed at being parents and don't seem to mind the sacrifices (like sleep) they have to make.

I didn't ignore Jax, the dog. I took him a toy today and he played with it all day. I took him outside a couple times so he could chase lizards--his favorite pasttime. I sat on the edge of the pool and the water was like bath water. . . almost too warm to be refreshing, except that it was wet, so that makes a difference. I will get in the pool yet. It is hot and muggy here in Florida.

I did get some great shots of son Brandon holding his baby.

Tomorrow Brandon is having a cookout and Megan's parents will be there. It will be good to see them again.

Till next time . . .


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