Sunday, September 08, 2013

Being grandparents!

We have had beautiful weather here in Charlottesville, Virginia, while we have been here and today promises more of the same.

We have spent time hanging out with the kids and the grandkids and getting in some quality lovin'. Ronan always wants to play trains, legos, etc. He beat me every game of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders the other day. Aenea is such a happy baby. She walks about happy and being cute most of the time. She fusses if she has a messy diaper or if she's hungry. She entertains herself a lot. She loves laying on Whiskey's new bed. He probably doesn't like it much, but moves when she collapses in a heap on the pillow. LOL When she was tired the other day, she went to Terry and wanted up in his lap. Within two minutes her eyes were closed and she was sound asleep. She slept for two hours.

Yesterday Jocelyn and the kids, Terry and I all went to Thomas Jefferson's Montpelier for the Harvest Festival. It seems the theme of the festival is to encourage people to buy products from local suppliers. Focus was on growing food and sharing tips on raising your own garden. There were workshops and demonstrations. We watched "nail making" which was interesting because I had never seen hand cut nails made before. Talk about tedious work! We watched log splitting and masonry demonstrations as well. They encourage children to participate in some of the activities and there was no shortage of kids! Ronan and his friend Alex played drums with some blue grass musicians. They had various instruments the kids could choose to play.

We spent some time sitting on the lawn on a blanket watching the boys and just relaxing. Monticello is a beautiful place, high on a mountain with 360 degree views. It's no small wonder why Jefferson loved this place so much. There are much larger trees here now, no doubt, that obscure some of the view, but there are plenty of views to see from up there. We didn't tour the mansion which we do need to do one of these days. It seems that whenever we go, there are school buses lined up and we don't care to visit then.

When we left there, we went back to the house and then Terry and I drove on out to the camp. The kids came out later and we had a campfire and roasted

marshmallows. It was a lot of fun and even Whiskey came along to share the evening.

The camp is super full this weekend as there was the festival and also a home football game. That is why we always have to reserve space when we want to come here.

Till next time. . .


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Colleen Phipps said...

Sounds like a great time is being had by all.