Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rally time!

We got ready this morning and took off for the rally. Decided to hook up and make sure everything worked like it should since it's been four months that Phaeton Place has sat in storage while we were in MinnieMee. The good news is that the brake controller worked well, bad news is we didn't have any brake, taillights or turn signals on the toad. Grrrrr. So since they are visible on the motorhome, we took off anyway. At the stop signs, I tapped the brake on the motorhome a little harder to activate the toad brake and it would turn on the toad's brakes. Terry has diagnosed a bad ground wire which he will fix pronto.

We drove around about way to get to the rally because of a bridge being out but we arrived around 10:30 and got parked. We don't like the way they parked us, but we are fine, safe and have nice neighbors, so we're cool. I then went inside to put out the slides and the two driver's side slides wouldn't work. The one had actually been out while PP sat in the drive and I just put it in this morning. Grrrrr. So we sat everything else up and ate a quick lunch. Then Terry called Tiffin. We do have a lot of literature, etc., but a call to the Tiffin guys can be much quicker. He was #5 in the que and before long he not only had a tech on line, but had an answer to our problem. It was a solenoid and the tech told Terry how to jump it and I was able to put out the slides. But, as luck would have it, as it went out, I heard a crunch. It wasn't the "slide" crunch that happens when it is breaking the mechanism, but I knew right away what it was. There is a mirror on the wall behind the slide and I keep a suction cup hook on it to pin important things up. It had fallen down at some point and was now being crushed in the slide. I actually had to bring the slide all the way back in, then free the object, then put it back out. Whew. That was done.

Some time later I was asking Terry if we had our water tank full. He said yes, why? I said the water pump seems to be running long past when I shut off the tap. Oh boy. He really wasn't happy to find this problem. The one bathroom sink faucet has failed and is leaking water into the cabinet under the sink. In fact, everything under there was now totally wet. Mostly towels, but grrrr again!

So tonight I am doing laundry and we have the solenoid on order. Later we will run to Menard's and try to find a sink faucet like the one we need to replace. And there is still the ground wire problem on the toad. . .

Rallies are sooooo much fun!

PS: The girls seem to love it so far. They enjoyed the ride over and got to take several walks. Weather is good, so we should have a lot of fun!

Till next time. . .


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