Monday, September 09, 2013


We spent Sunday with the kids again as that was our last day in Charlottesville. It is sad to leave this time as the grandkids are so entertaining and fun to be around. We really enjoyed our time with them. Later in the afternoon, we went back out to the camp and took Ronan with us. He wanted to ride in the motorhome. He always likes to do that and got to ride in Phaeton Place when he was younger.

Ronan and I went to the playground, hiked the nature trail to the pond and then returned to the motorhome for supper. Afterwards Terry and I took Ronan back to the ball court and bounced balls back and forth. We eventually made it back to the motorhome and were later joined by Jocelyn, Tom and Aenea. We visited more and then we said our goodbyes and they left.

This morning we were up bright and early because we had something special in store for us. Last spring I met a man at an RV Resort. He had a Scottish Terrier. We talked and I told him about our Scotties who are now gone. It happens that he has five and was looking for good homes in which to "re-home" two of them. Long story short, we met him today and we now have two Scottish Terriers traveling with us in the motorhome. It's a wee bit crowded in MinnieMee, but we are managing.

Duchess is a black female Scottie. She is a cutie and seems more assured of herself. Butterscotch is a wheaton Scottie and a real lover. I think they are a little confused about the changeover, but they are already so loved, they will hopefully enjoy their new life. We certainly enjoy having them. We had only 100 miles to go after picking them up, so we have been taking them for walks and pampering them. Tomorrow we will be back at the house so they will have a little more room to roam.

I will get some pictures posted soon. They are sleeping right now. . . on both ends of the couch. Not sure what sleeping arrangements will look like tonight, but we will manage. I do have a picture on Facebook.

Till next time. . .


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