Saturday, November 02, 2013

Grandkids meet new Scotties!

Yesterday we went in to see the kids and ended up shopping at various places with Jocelyn and Ronan. We got MORE stuff we don't need or have room for. . . . this has GOT to end. The good news is that we are eating up a lot of leftovers and eating pretty well. Prior to getting here, we had made some dishes up with extra so we would have some decent meals that could be reheated quickly. That seems to be working out for us. Yesterday at World Market we got Terry's "almost" sodium free pizza crusts. We both love pizza, but that is what sent him to the hospital the last time (3 years ago) due to sodium overload, so we are extremely careful with any food now. We count every milligram of sodium for him. We still do pizza, but it is a different version that most people. Still, it can be very good and actually healthy!

Once we got back, we headed back to camp because we had left the girls for five hours and we are trying not to go over four. But they were very good girls and got an extra treat and a nice long walk when we arrived. Camp had filled up while we were gone and the game people are here. UVA plays Clemson this weekend for their homecoming game and the camp will be totally full. Lots of campfires, etc.

Later the kids came out because they wanted to meet the Butterscotch and Duchess. I knew they would be a hit and I wasn't disappointed. Butterscotch wants everyone to pet her and wants on everyone's lap. Once Jocelyn's lap was free of kids, Butterscotch moved in. She didn't waste any time! LOL Aenea loved Butterscotch and Butterscotch got a lick in or two. Aenea wasn't quite sure about that, but she survived! Even Ironman paid a visit!

Duchess is not the social butterfly that Butterscotch is, but she still got a lot of loving from everyone. Jocelyn had brought popcorn, so the dogs were into that. We didn't "feed" them, but there was an occasional kernal "dropped" so they got a good taste.

Today we are all going to a fall apple festival south of town. We will drive separately as it is down the road from where we are camped. It should be fun and may be able to buy a few apples or cider.

Till next time. . . 


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