Friday, November 01, 2013

It's grandkids time!!!!!!

Leaving northern Indiana did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. The rear furnace in Phaeton Place went out and we were having problems with the water delivery system. So the day we pulled out of camp, we took her in for repairs. One check valve replaced and a totally rebuilt furnace later, we took her back to the condo where we spent the night and finished loading the next morning before departing.

We made it to Charlottesville yesterday, Thursday, which was also Halloween. We visited with the kids shortly after our arrival because they had a busy afternoon and evening planned. We were so excited to see the grandkids and they seemed equally excited to see us, which is every grandparent's dream.

Aenea is still her adorable self and willingly goes to anyone who offers to hold her. I held her most of the time we were there and she fell asleep in my arms. Ronan showed me his farm he built on the iPad and then explained the things he is learning in homeschooling. He is learning quite a lot of math it seems and is working on reading and writing as well. His friend Stella goes to public school and is already bored with it, but Ronan seems to have fun learning and his parents are conscientious about teaching him.

While we were there, Ronan got dressed up in his Halloween costume because from 4-6, they go onto the UVA campus for Trick or Treat. The university/community participate and the children have fun gathering on the lawn and then can go room to room in the "historic" rooms to get candy. Each room is sponsored because there are thousands of children and Jocelyn said the sponsorships run in the range of $3-4,000, but each child receives treats and it is a fun and safe environment. University students dress up in costume and mingle with the visitors. It is a great time. We elected not to go because we are trying not to leave our "new" dogs longer than four hours at a time. But we got to see Ronan dressed and later when Aenea woke up from her nap, Tom got her into her costume and followed Jocelyn and her group to the lawn.

All is well here this morning

. It was raining here earlier, so we had to bring the dogs in early from their walk, but I am about to take them out again.

Till next time. . .


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Nan Talley said...

It is impossible to beat being with the Grands!