Saturday, November 16, 2013

Moving right along. . .

Hard to believe we were at Brandon's for a week and we are gone again. I hated to leave that new little baby. She is such a sweetie and Grandma sure loves holding her. Even if she's fussy and squirming, she is still a delight.

We generally spent our evenings at their house catching up with them and the baby and Jax, the dog. We tried to bring our two new dogs into the mix, but they would have none of that. Believe it or not, our little wheaten Scottie, Butterscotch, may have previously been known as a "sweetie wheatie," but she nailed Jax twice on the nose. We tried a couple techniques that I thought would allow the dogs to coexist compatibly, but she wanted to tear into Jax. We can't let that happen, because Jax is part pit and he is way too strong. He is a very sweet, mellow dog, but very excitable and he would definitely be the victor. As it was, even after being nipped, he just wanted to play. Duchess, I believe, would be in harmony with the situation were she by herself, but she was terrified of the excitement. So there were no fights and we immediately removed the girls back to the comfort of our motorhome. I certainly did not want to stress either of them and they were happy where they were. We had hoped we could have them all together so we could spend a longer window of time with the kids, but it's okay. I am going to research the dog behavior and hope to work on socializing the girls with other dogs. In the Texas park, we have lots of dogs that get walked daily, so we are hoping they will learn to like the company of other dogs. If it doesn't work, though, not a problem. We love them dearly just like they are. We are enjoying the many walks we take them on every day. They love people and insist on being petted by people they meet!

We went to eat last Sunday with the kids and Megan's parents. We usually try to see them for dinner at least once when we are there. We always enjoy getting together and having good food!

The kids asked us to babysit on Monday night since it was their second anniversary. Wow. Hard to believe two years have passed since we all went to Florida for the wedding. What a happy time that was because of both the wedding and because we had found out not long before that Jocelyn and Tom were adding a second child to the mix. Little did we all know what route little Aenea would take into the world. . . being born at 28 weeks, etc. But she is now one and a half and absolutely perfect.

Megan and I went down to the outlet stores in Vero Beach one afternoon and did some shopping. She got some bargains for the baby and I got some ideas for Christmas. Of course we took Brynlee so I got to help with her as well.

Yesterday we packed up and headed out for the Naples area. We planned to meet up with a former fulltimer with whom we had exchanged correspondence over the internet. He and his wife had traveled with multiple complicated health issues and he had a lot of information for people like us who were just starting out our travels and dealing with health issues on the road. He lost his wife a couple years ago and no longer fulltimes; instead he has settled into a condo in Naples at Port of the Islands. What a lovely place. We drove down to Collier-Seminole State Park and yesterday afternoon, he and his daughter came by and picked us up. He gave us the tour of the Naples area and took us passed multi-million dollar estates which I'm sure rival anything Hollywood. Eventually we worked our way down to Marco Island where we had dinner at Porky's. It was a lovely restaurant and good times with good people. Afterwards, we went back to his condo and were treated to pumpkin pie for dessert. We are going back over today to see what Port of the Islands looks like during the day. It was too dark to see the development last night and I have only seen it from Google Maps, but it looks spectacular.

The state park here is pretty crowded with trees. At first glance at our site, I said I was sure we couldn't get in there. Nothing else was available so I took another look. Terry is always the one who parks with me directing. I told him I could get him in there. . . wasn't sure if our slides could be deployed, but we'd give it a shot. Well, we are GOOD, what can I say. We slid into that site like a knife through warm butter and had room for the slides as well. Pretty good tree cover, so we were totally blown away by the satellite coming in on all 3 satellites. Whoo hoo. Life is good.

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