Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Journey continues. . .

We continue our trek toward the Rio Grande Valley. Being fulltimers, it is never our plan to travel 10 hours a day. We cover between 200-300 miles per day. Coming out of Florida, we actually did over 300 miles two days in a row, but they were easy miles, mostly interstate, so no problem. We have slowed down a bit now.

The last two nights we have been at cousin Gary and Jo's in Zachary, Louisiana. We always have a great time with them. They are campers, bikers, boaters. . . you name it. . . they like to have fun like we do. Last spring when we saw them, we met in New Orleans at a state park and ventured into the city for a day of fun. We will do that again some time. But this time we mainly kicked back and relaxed and visited. Jo's daughter, Kristin stopped by with her three boys and we enjoyed seeing how they had grown since we last saw them. She has a six-month old baby and we had not seen him before. It was great to see them.

Yesterday we did a little shopping for the road food. We like to pick up stuff we can easily heat up or put on a plate so we don't spend a lot of time fixing food when we stop. We usually stop in a rest area for lunch and walk the dogs. We never eat out when we're on the road. We really have to watch Terry's salt intake and eating out is the worst thing for that.

Tomorrow we will be driving through Houston. It will be my second time this fall. Nita, my sister, and I drove Mom and Dad down to Texas last month and passed through Houston then. I hope the wind dies down by then. It was a bit of a problem today with high gusts. It isn't supposed to be as strong tomorrow. We will spend tomorrow night in Victoria, Texas, and then on Tuesday we will be home at our lot in the Rio Grande Valley.

Till next time. . .


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