Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here at Meerkat Manor!

We arrived at Elkhart Campground, aka Meerkat Manor, last Thursday after we finished up at the Shipshewana Flea Market. We spent the night at the apartments and Terry washed the rig while I went to see the doctor.

I decided it was time to establish with a rheumatologist since my arthritis is causing me more problems than I have had in the past. I do like this doctor and he explained all the options to me, none of which sounded like anything I wanted to try. I opted for a shot of cortisone, which I try to get once or twice a year. He said that infrequently I would not develop any side effects at all from the drug and it has the added benefit of helping keep the psoriasis in check as well. I was relieved to discover that he doesn't believe my arthritis is the psoriatic arthritis, which I could go on to develop, but presently it is just good ol' osteoarthritis. The other problem I am having is renewed problems with sciatica and apparently a pinched nerve in my neck causing problems with my one arm. It's so great getting older. . . we get to experience all these problems at the time of our life which we are just starting to relax and enjoy life. I may have to get some specialized treatment for my back and neck as well.

So why do we call Elkhart Campground Meerkat Manor? Well, truthfully, there are no meerkats here but there are 13 lined ground squirrels who are driving the dogs crazy. The stand up in their holes and look like miniature meerkats like you see on the National Geographic channel. They dig fairly large holes, too, and you don't want to step in them. The girls love to give chase to any rodent and there are plenty of them around here. They come in huffing and puffing from their adventures.

We were to have storms all weekend, but it looks as though they are passing us by. That's fine by me. The girls don't like the storms and I can do without them.

We are about finished with the renovation on the apartment we had vacated. We had quite a bit of painting to do and just general cleaning. We are having some carpet repair done Monday and then I will finish by mopping the kitchen and bath. It is looking pretty good at this point.

Till next time. . .


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