Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We left Tab and Deanna on Saturday and drove over to Warsaw, Indiana, where we set up camp at the fairgrounds. They have a few 50 amp sites so we snagged one of those. The girls were able to chase a few black squirrels. They didn't catch any as there were trees in close proximity, but those squirrels sure did give them a tongue lashing. LOL

We made our way over to Mad Anthony's later in the evening in time for the surprise birthday party for my sister, Nita. She turned 60 last month, so I'm sure having a party a month later was a pretty good surprise. We had an enjoyable dinner and touched base with family again. Afterwards, I drove out to their house to visit a bit more while Terry stayed back at camp with the girls. It was starting to storm and the girls were a bit anxious.

Sunday we drove up to Shipshewana and parked in the flea market campground. We got a nice back-in site, although we pulled into it so we face the flea market. Monday we spent shopping in the town shops and the various food markets. I found quite a few gluten free products, especially noodles, which is what I was looking for. There was rain off and on, but we were able to stay out of it by dodging in and out of the shops. Didn't buy much except for the food part. We did some visiting with others in the campground which is always interesting. We also drove out around Shipshewana Lake. I don't think we ever knew there was a lake there! We saw a crop dusting plane and got a good look at them restocking the pesticide. Then he pulled away and started back down the grass runway!

Today we plan to walk at least part of the flea market. The weather is not cooperating and it is supposed to rain off and on all day. We will still do part of it as there are places to get in out of the rain. Tomorrow we will wrap it up and it is supposed to be a good day.

We have been looking for a toad to pull behind MinnieMee and Terry thinks he has found it. In fact, he has found a whole new rig. It means going down a bit in horsepower, but a new coach and toad. . . what a deal!

Till next time. . .


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