Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving forward. . .

We hit a milestone the other day. We have been managing/owning five duplexes for the past ten years. We have worked hard to maintain nice apartments for our tenants and we have had good tenants for the most part. We have had many people approach us about buying our duplexes, but were never ready to sell. We decided this year that if the opportunity presented itself, we would sell one.  It would be one less duplex for us to care for and we could maybe cut down on our work in the summer when we come back to northern Indiana. We haven't traveled as much during the summer as we would like, so perhaps summers could now be spent differently. It seems with ten apartments, we always had one empty to renovate and rent during the summer.

We sold one last Friday. We are very happy with our buyers. They are landlords already and in the same neighborhood, neighbors in fact. Terry's parents had sold them a duplex years ago and they are ready to add to their business venture. When we went to the closing, the closer asked if the buyers or sellers wanted to go first. I looked at my friend/neighbor who is buying the property and said, "Can't we all go in together?" She said, "Well yes, I just didn't know if you wanted to." The best part is that they understand the rental business and I believe we leave our current tenant in good hands. In fact, these new owners have helped our manager with maintenance issues from time to time. After the closing we passed by the duplex and stopped and introduced our "former" tenant to the new landlord. All is well.

So now that we have that business behind us, we are going to take off for a few weeks. We feel we've earned a vacation. Hah! We did spent last week at Shipshewana. . . my favorite place up here. And we visited with Mom and Dad again yesterday. We are now ready to roll. . . don't know where, but we will roll.

Till next time. . .


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Tab & Deanna said...

That's awesome Dale! Congrats! Less work more fun. :)