Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tunnel of Trees

In talking with our neighbors, we learned of the "Tunnel of Trees," a drive from Harbor Springs, Michigan, on the other side of the bay from us. The drive gets its name from the way the trees form a  canopy over the road along the lake shore. The drive goes on along the coast where it eventually reaches Mackinac City. We decided to take the drive after supper.

We had already driven over to Harbor Springs, so we knew that route. Then we continued on the scenic drive, the Tunnel of Trees. It is a lovely drive and a beautiful canopy. In the fall, this is a very popular drive from which to observe fall colors. I can see that would be beautiful. In the summer like now, however, you cannot see much of the lakefront due to that canopy, but it is a lovely drive nonetheless. There are many beautiful homes designed to capitalize on the views of the bay and the lake. And we saw this flock of wild turkeys in a yard right in front of a house!

When we got to Cross Village, we stopped at the legendary "Legs Inn." This establishment is known as "legs" because of the many stove legs used to decorate the roof line.  We had already eaten supper, but decided to stop for "dessert" and take in the atmosphere. The interior is very rustic with tree trunks and branches making up the framework and the furniture. It all seemed very clean and well done and we enjoyed our desert. It is a famous for Polish food and our waitress was a Polish gal here as a student. Afterwards, we walked out the back to view the sunset from the yard which was beautiful. Many flowers and beautiful landscaping of the yard with many benches to sit on and watch the sky. We were right on time to watch the sun set in the western sky, then we were off back to the camp, by a different route. It is about 30 miles back to Petosky. Next time we are here, we will plan a meal at "The Legs Inn."

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