Monday, August 25, 2014

Petosky, Michigan!

We camped Saturday night in Frederic, Michigan. Nice little camp, but their 30Amp electric had so little voltage that we were not able to run ANYTHING, and it was hot. Fortunately, it was supposed to cool down overnight, so we weren't too worried. We did take the girls with us for a ride in the evening so that we could all get cooled down.

Sunday we drove on up to Petosky. We got here early and way before check-in time, so stopped and parked at the casino in town. We fixed our lunch and then visited the slots for a while. They were not friendly, so we came back quickly and ended up taking a nap before we checked into the camp. Our campsite is in Magnus Park, a city park in Petosky, and a nice spot right on Little Traverse Bay. It is lovely and we see beautiful Lake Michigan right out our front and side windows. We got all set up in our site and for some reason, I just thought to check the site marker and we were in the WRONG site! Grrrrr. I have to say, that's never happened to us before. Don't get me wrong, we have done some stupid stuff, but that was a first. Oh well. . . guess I can cross that off my bucket list now. We pulled all the slides back in and pulled up the jacks and moved over one site to our correct location. It was a better site, so no problem.

Yesterday we drove back to Charlevoix, Michigan. We had been through there years ago and Terry had thought it looked like a cute little town, worthy of further exploration. So we parked and shopped the morning away before returning to camp. They have a drawbridge right in town and it goes up whenever a tall boat needs to get out onto the lake.
This morning we spent our time visiting the shops in downtown Petosky. It is a very pretty little town and is very quaint in its appearance. We enjoyed visiting the shops and talking with the proprietors. We are back at camp now. Dinner was put into the crock pot this morning, so we have dinner almost ready. It is sunny and warm outside with a cool breeze coming off the lake. Absolutely perfect. And we just saw this out our front window!

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