Saturday, July 23, 2016

Life can be hard. . .

I've had a hard time getting back to the blog. I've not dealt with such a devastating loss since my sister died at age 30, 39 years ago. Her death was most unexpected, having not been diagnosed properly when she would have problems. When they found she had an aneurysm in the brain, it had already weakened the vessel and was in a bad spot to try and fix.  She died before anything could even be tried.

I've thought about her a lot since Daddy died on July 9. I'm sure she was there to welcome him to heaven. I know Dad talked of seeing her again. While her death was traumatic, she was in a hospital and not well with a serious problem, so it wasn't totally unexpected.

Daddy had many problems as well. I don't think many people live to be 91 and not experience problems. He had a couple issues that we knew could end his life quickly, and we knew for the last few years that it could happen anytime. He sat down in his chair and a few minutes later took a couple deep breaths and was gone. I guess we weren't prepared very well.

I was in Florida, having arrived the same day Daddy died. What a shock. Brandon had business meetings in Colorado to attend and had planned to take Megan with him. We decided they should just go. Since it was Saturday night, it would be Monday before Mom could talk with the funeral home and make arrangements. Probably then, it would be Thursday before anything would be scheduled just because of preparation and publishing in the newspapers so friends and family would know. Mom and I talked and she decided they would wait till Monday when I would be able to be there. As it was, Brandon, Megan and Brynlee were able to come as well. Jocelyn's family also drove up from Virginia, so for the first time since all my grandbabies were born, we were all together.

Brandon and Megan arrived home on that Friday. I was able to change my plane from Sunday to Saturday, so I could be home a day earlier. The reason I was going to wait till Sunday was because the kids had scheduled Brynlee's birthday party for Saturday at the local "bounce house" type indoor play area. But since my plane didn't leave till 3 p.m., Brandon said we would go and he and I would leave at 11:30 to make it to the airport at Sanford in time for my flight.

So we did make it to the party. We were able to take time from our mourning and have a nice party for Brynlee. There were about 25 other kids and their parents. They played for about 45 minutes, then they had a pizza party and cupcakes. Brandon and I had to leave just as they got the food out, but we still enjoyed the party.

We took off for the airport and got up to Port St. John only to hear a tire alarm go off. Darn. Brandon got off the interstate, but there is nothing close to the interchange there. We had to drive several miles before we found a service station. He checked all the tires, which were all low, filled them to the recommended pressure and off we went. I think he was really worried, but when I found out he never checks the air pressure, I was confident he just needed to top them off. But we were really cutting our time closely, so we didn't need a flat tire, that's for sure.

As it was, we made it safely to the airport and he hasn't had any trouble with it since, so I think my guess was correct. He waited in the cell phone lot till I called him and told him I was through security and waiting at my gate. He wanted me to make sure my plane was on time and not cancelled.

My plane was on time and we actually boarded early. I arrived in Ft. Wayne at 5 p.m. and Terry was waiting for me in baggage claim. We got my bag and loaded everything up and left for Claypool. My first stop was at Mom's to check in with her and spend some time with my family.  Later that night, Jocelyn and family got in around midnight. I got back up and hugged on the grandkids. The next day, (Sunday) Brandon, Megan and Brynlee came in, flying on the plane I was originally flying on.

We all were ready to give Daddy a sendoff on Monday. I was thankful that my kids, who all had to travel long distances, were able to get there safely and have now gotten back home safely. It seems that travel problems often happen when you really need them to all be on time and go smoothly. But my prayers were answered and everyone was safe.

Till next time. . .


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