Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

It's easy to see why Brandon loves living in Florida. While some areas of Florida may be horribly hot and humid, Melbourne sits on the east coast and there always seems to be a breeze. He said he is never bothered by bugs, mosquitoes, etc. We have had strong breezes every day and have not always been able to keep our awning out, but the weather has been very pleasant. Mornings and evenings are cool and the air is still and mid-mornings to afternoons are very breezy.

We went with Brandon and a couple of his friends to see "The Shooter," which was a very good movie. It has been a long time since we have been to see a movie at a theater and it was fun. Another evening we went out to US1 and drove down to Vero Beach. We were out on the ocean and took a couple pictures. The surf was really fast and dangerous if you were swimming. There was a rescue of a family in the Melbourne area earlier in the week due to rip currents. It was a very enjoyable drive and we finished up with dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf where we all got fish.

Yesterday we drove up to Cocoa Beach intending to go out on the pier, but there were way too many spring breakers to do that. There were no parking places and it took forever to drive anywhere. We did go to a cycle shop and Brandon showed us the new bike he wants to get. While there he ordered new motorcycle pants. That will complete his protective leathers to wear while he is riding.

Tomorrow is our last day here. We are considering our next move as we have realized we have some doctor appointments for Terry scheduled in mid-April in Indiana. May try to reschedule them. Not sure yet.

Till next time. . .



Silverback said...

Still enjoying reading about your trips, guys. Think you'll find time to go to the KSC or isn't that of any interest to you ?
Sadly there are no shuttle launches till late June.

Daytona has my favourite beach for many reasons - not the best sand and VERY busy at times but was the first beach I went to in America so has fond memories.

Keep on blogging........

Dale said...

Hey, Silverback,

We won't get to KSC before we leave the state, but we are going to be in Florida next winter, so there should be some time then. Florida was a bit of an afterthought this year. We came because we got froze out in Arizona. Hah. And we wanted to see our son.

We are in Ormond Beach now, near Daytona. Here for 5 days, then heading north.