Sunday, April 08, 2007

Marking Time.

The weather has turned cool and we've just done some sightseeing, but the beach will have to wait until it is warmer.

We are at the Encore Sunshine Holiday Daytona. It is a decent park, nice sized sites, but this is not a 55+ park. Last night the kids were out roaming until after midnight, even though the rules say they must be in their rigs by 11 p.m. This morning there were beer bottles and trash littering the park. The office is closed today, so don't know if they are aware of it. Terry said when he got back from the shower that some kids were flushing beer cans down the toilets. I cannot understand parents letting their kids out roaming around and no one keeping an eye on them. While I was showering, a group of girls came in and flushed every toilet. Grrrr. We are using the camp showers because we are here for 5 days and don't have a full hookup site. They said they didn't have any available, but I think it is because we used Passport America.

Friday we drove down to Daytona and drove on the beach for several miles. It was quite beautiful out. The ocean looks very clean and the sun was shining. Yesterday we drove to Blue Springs State Park. This is a spring area on the St. Johns River where a fissure in the water allows warm water to come into the lagoon. The water is very clean and clear and you can easily see the fissure. If you are a certified diver, you can dive down into the crevice. Later we walked along the boardwalk in the park which goes through the hammock. We saw dozens of fish including gar, some of which looked to be about 4 feet long. We did finally get to see a manatee, which are known to frequent the warm waters of the lagoon. This one was very large and was under water, swimming out toward the river. My picture of it only shows the shadow. The park is the former home and land of one of the area's first white settlers, the Thursby family. The house has been preserved as it was back in the 1800's.

Today we drove up north along A1A to Palm Coast. The ocean is very beautiful up there also. We drove past a former campground where we stayed a couple years ago. It was a real pit then and has been torn down and is now making way for a condominium development. We have been looking for a place to stay in Florida next year. We have a place in Malabar reserved for a month, but would like another spot somewhere else to stay. We like to move every month and explore the new area. If any of you reading have any suggestions, let us know.

Till next time. . .


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