Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Is he cute or what?
Our days are pretty much taken up with our new grandson. We have been having breakfast with Tom's parents, Tom and Sharon, and then we usually come back to the camp and let the dogs out. Then we spend the afternoon at Jocelyn and Tom's visiting with the baby and, of course, our granddog, Jericho. He likes to lick the baby. Terry says he is taste testing. Hah. He only gets upset when the baby cries. He thinks we have to do something NOW to stop the crying.

Details: Ronan Lynch
Born April 21, 2007
7 lbs. 1 oz.
19 3/4" long

Today Tom and Sharon go back to New Jersey because they have JOBS! Oops, sorry. We have been letting them have evenings with the kids because 6 adults is just too many in their house and we will be here for another week. So Tom and Sharon are getting quality time with little Ronan now and we can pick up the slack after they go back home.

We took Jocelyn over to UVA yesterday for some blood work. She is anemic and could not have any iron infusions when she was pregnant, so they wanted to see where her iron is now. She enjoyed getting outside for a bit. We took her to the health food store so she could pick up a few things. We were only gone an hour and Grandma Sharon took care of baby Ronan. He was peacefully asleep in her arms when we got back. He is such a good baby.

We are going out this morning and look at some property. It is so hard to get campsites here in Charlottesville. . . we are really down to one choice and that is the KOA. We are looking for a piece of ground where we can stay when we come down here.

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