Thursday, November 01, 2007

Austin, Texas, and #1 Son Brandon!

We arrived in Austin Monday afternoon. Brandon had arrived earlier in the day, but was at work. In his job, he troubleshoots software issues as a consultant for his company and is here for the week. He really likes his work and does it well. He will leave tomorrow afternoon and fly back to Florida. He will leave in two weeks and fly to Ottawa to work with a bank there. He is looking forward to the job, but thinks he will hate the cold weather. Heh heh

We took him out to eat at the Salt Lick. It is about 25 miles outside of Austin in the country and about the greatest BBQ place we have been to. Just awesome.

We have been doing some sightseeing while we have been here, but I must say. . . the traffic here really makes you want to stay home. They do not have a beltway around the city, so everyone has to go through the middle of town to go anywhere. We thought about going to watch the bats at the Congress Street bridge, but last night they were having a Halloween party downtown and had the streets closed off. Figured we would get good and lost and the Garmin would probably just give up, so we didn't do that. This is nearing the end of the time there are here. . . they will migrate south soon, so there may not have been a lot to see.

We are in the Austin Lonestar RV park. It is a passport park and they give you two free pancake breakfasts EVERY DAY! We will go one last time tomorrow morning before we head out. The park is really pretty forested, but the keep the trees and bushes cut back so they don't interfere TOO much. They really could cut back a lot more, but it is passable. Our site is plenty long enough but not too wide. This is an old KOA. You can tell by the telltale A-frame entrance building. But it is clean and the people are super nice. Where else can you camp in the state capital for $17 a night for FHU's?

Tomorrow we leave for the RGV. Don't know if we will make it down there tomorrow or not, but we will try. Mom and Dad arrived last evening, so they are waiting on us.

Till next time. . .


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