Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home on the Range

We left Austin on Friday last week and made it down to the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) by 4:30 that afternoon. A very nice drive on red roads with no problems. We got parked in short order on the lot behind Mom and Dad.

We have really been busy this past week as we have officially bought the lot from my parents and are busy getting the services, i.e., water, electric, and sewer installed. That seems to be a joke around here. We applied for the permits, which they told us we would have the next day. That was Tuesday and we still haven't seen them. Called back once and no answer. That's the other joke around here. . . phone numbers. Nobody answers their phone, and sometimes they put it over on fax so you end up with that whiney sing/song in your ear. Terry did all the electrical wiring, but we cannot get the meter installed without an inspection. But once that is done, all Terry has to do is hook up three wires and we are good to go.

Yesterday when I checked about getting the water meter installed that they told us would be done Tuesday, they said it would now be next week because they had to dig. (Big surprise there?) We weren't home 10 minutes and the backhoe arrived along with three workers. It took several hours, but by 4:30 we had our water meter, so now we have to call the plumber. We aren't leaving here until this is all done. Certainly wouldn't want to look forward to starting this entire process over next year when we come down. Ugh.

Good thing we have time. Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful. Warm during the day, but with a breeze. If you stay in the shade you are very, very comfortable. The sun is a little hot. We have been walking every day. Today Terry and I went to "patio" sales in two neighboring parks. Got some new reading material and a couple shelves for the cabinets. I really do love the weather here and these Martin Ranch parks. They are all connected so you can walk, bike or run the golf cart up and down all the parks.

Mom and Dad's passports came in the mail, so they are all ready to go to Mexico. They can't wait to try them out. We hate to go away during the day in case the inspector comes, but the weekends should be pretty safe. May do that tomorrow.

Bailey has been enjoying walks every day and Neal gets to ride in the stroller. He is very content to do that. He sits up, but very still. If we stop to visit, he lays down. They are such sweeties.

We played Bingo the other night. Mom won the first game, so she was pretty happy. Dad went along and played with us, but he and I didn't win anything.

We are just enjoying the weather and visiting with Mom and Dad. Plans are to leave here shortly after Thanksgiving, but we aren't leaving until all the utilities are in place.

Till next time. . .


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