Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Peace in the Valley

Finally, after having caught the county planner in a lie, I persuaded him to get his job done so we could have our meter installed. It was either that, or I would have to start the entire process over again and I think he decided he didn't want that. Whatever the reason, he faxed in the permits and Monday of this week we came home from Mexico to find our meter installed. Terry did one last check on his wiring and plugged us in. Oh my. . . . it has been really hot here and we manage to stay cool enough, but we could only run our one air on Dad's 30 Amp. Now we are running everything including the washer/dryer and doing well. Water and sewer were put in earlier in the week.

We were a little concerned about going to Mexico as some other people in the park said the lines to get back were 5 hours long the other day. Mom and Dad always go early. . . like 8 a.m. We shopped around and picked up a few little things. I wasn't really interested in a lot, but I got some numbers to put out front since our lot number is no longer visible. Mom said people come around to paint them, but I haven't seen anyone so far. It took us an hour to get out of Mexico this time.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I hope you all enjoy your day and take time to reflect upon the many blessings we have. We are going to the hall for dinner at 12:30. I am taking Bok Choy salad, cranberry salad and Texas Sweet Potatoes. Most everything is ready. I just have to bake the sweet potatoes and chop up the bok choy. Mom and I went over earlier to help set up.

It was very hot today. Registered 100 degrees. Very hot in the sun, but tolerable in the shade with a breeze most of the day. It was still hot and muggy at 7 this evening, but I just went out with the dogs an hour ago and it has dropped probably 20 degrees. Tomorrow's high is something like 57 degrees. Brrrrr. I'll still take it, though.

Till next time. . .


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