Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Rally!

Good Sam's Big Rally is about to wind up. There was one last entertainment event scheduled for tonight, but we weren't interested in going. We have enjoyed the entertainment, though. The Vogues sang the first night. Only one of the group was original to the group, but they sang well. Frankie Vallie was to perform the next night and we heard he was in the hospital. He was replaced with Bobby Vinton. Wow! I was disappointed at first because I wanted to see Frankie, but Bobby Vinton put on one heck of a show. His daughter, Hannah, sang backup, as well as one of his sons, who also played guitar and directed the orchestra.

We have been busy attending seminars. There have been many we have sat through and we have learned a few things. We looked at a lot of coaches, but I am still content with Phaeton Place. Even more expensive coaches didn't appeal to me. We have a good setup and are happy with it the way it is.

We did a lot of walking, but last night and today we rode our bikes. That worked really well. There are a lot of fences to secure the bikes and it worked for us. Our good friends Ward and Patty left yesterday as they had to take in some Red Cross training. We enjoyed having them with us. We attended a lot of the same seminars and managed to hook up a couple times a day to visit.

I'm not sure how may rigs were here. I never did hear a count. A lot, though! The fairgrounds here have been great. This is our second rally here during this same time in March. The setup is well organized and the buildings here at the Georgia Fairgrounds and Agricenter are fairly new and very well maintained. That's what makes it a winner for groups like ours. We boondocked and I was worried about exhaust from generators, but everyone around us had muffler stacks on their generator exhaust.

We had great weather. . . mostly sunny skies. Friday storms rolled through Atlanta and there was speculation we would have some inclement weather here, but all we had was occasional mist. We didn't even need an umbrella and we still had some sun despite the usual gloomy sky. Then Saturday we actually had tornado warnings for most of the day. Again, we had gloomy skies, but also had some sun. Every day was warm enough for a light jacket if it was even needed. Then Saturday night around 9:30 the skies really let loose and we had a terrific deluge. The good part was that it didn't last long and that was it. We really felt like we dodged the bullet this time.

So tomorrow we are leaving in the morning and heading toward Andersonville, Georgia. That is the location of the federal POW camp during the Civil War. I have always wanted to visit that prison and study the history. There is also a pioneer village there.

Speaking of pioneer villages, we were camped prior to the Rally at the Agrirama at Tifton, Georgia. It is a pioneer village with a farm museum. It is a great place to come visit and bring your family. They have about 40 full hookup RV sites in the parking lot. It is quite comfortable and several rigs were there staging for the Big Rally.

While we were there, we also drove out in the country to pick up mail at a small post office and came upon the Nether's Pork Skins plant. We met the owners, Johnny and Dianne, and bought some of their "skins." They are very good and we had a good visit with them. It is a small family owned business and one of the neat stops most people probably never make. But it was interesting.

Till next time. . .



Alicia said...

Dale, Not sure if you remember me, we came by your place in Restfull. We are over in Sleepy. Enjoyed reading your blog about the rally. We were going to go, but decided fuel was too high right now for us.
Hope to see you again next year, we are returning to Sleepy.
How is you dad?? Hope everything is going ok. Have a good trip and I will keep reading.

Happy Trails, Alicia

Dale said...

Of course, I remember you Alicia. Mom says it's really hot down there. We will be back down there for 2 months next winter and will be putting a canopy over our lot. Dad had 2 stents put in each leg. Had to have those done so he is in better shape in case they have to do that aneurysm. His circulation was almost gone in his legs. Much better now.

See you next fall/winter!