Friday, March 28, 2008

FDR's Little White House

We came to Warm Springs, Georgia, to visit FDR's "Little White House." It is nestled in the hills near this little town and there are a number of "warm springs" which supply water at 80+ degrees. That is why they are called warm springs instead of hot springs that are found elsewhere. FDR came here to swim in the springs in an effort to revitalize his leg muscles which were affected by polio. He actually purchased the ground and all the buildings that were in the immediate area and founded a rehabilitation center for anyone afflicted by this terrible disease. There is a museum at the pools which shows a movie with FDR playing in the pools with other people, mostly children who were seeking theraputic relief from their disabilities.

Also on the grounds is the Little White House which was a very small, modest home FDR had built for him while he was visiting Warm Springs. It was up on the hill above the pools, not visible from there, but close to the rehabilitation center. It has been preserved with the same furnishings much like it was when FDR lived there. This was also the place where he died from a stroke while sitting for an official portrait. The unfinished portrait is housed in a special display along with a "finished portrait" the artist painted from memory after FDR's death.

We also drove up into the Franklin Roosevelt State Park. It is a curvy road up through there, but there is a campground. We would have trouble getting Phaeton Place in and around the campground due to low hanging trees, etc., but it is a nice camp. The visitor's center was built by the CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corp. There were great views from many places in the park.

It was quite cold in the evenings while we were here. It got down to 28 one night. Brrrrr. Fortunately we were able to stay warm.

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