Sunday, March 09, 2008

If that's Old Faithful, we must be in Yellowstone!

Hmmmmm. I thought we were in Georgia, but that sure looks like Old Faithful. Quick, gotta' wake Terry up from his nap. . . .

Having been the sole campers here at the Agrirama for a couple days was nice, but we eventually got some neighbors, two sites over. I was outside with the boyz while Terry was taking his afternoon nap. I watched Ed (we introduced ourselves later) hookup the hose to the water spigot in the utility pit and unroll the hose. As he kneeled next to his HR Endeavor motorhome, he called to his wife to turn the hose on to clean out the hose. After a moment he told her to turn it off. She tried. He called to her again and she replied, "It won't turn off." So he thinks for a moment and drops the hose and walks back to the pit. At this point, the hose is twisting a bit at the side of the motorhome, getting the side wet as the water pressure continues to push through the hose. As Ed tries to turn off the spigot, he turns the water on higher and the hose goes wild. Yep, it was like a scene from the Robin Williams' movie, RV. The hose stretches up like a cobra and starts vascillating wildly and I feared for the side of the coach. At this point, however, I was afraid of getting wet, so I moved my chair to avoid the flailing water hose. By this time, Ed had turn the water back and the hose died down and slid under the motorhome. Ed then turned it again and the ugly snake reared its head once more flailing back and forth under the motorhome. Ed (not thinking too clearly) then disconnected his hose from the spigot and now the water just shot straight up out of the pit. This is when I'm thinking. . . would Terry want to see this? or should I let him sleep? I couldn't help myself, the show was just too good, so I ran inside to get him. "Terry! We have a GUSHER!" He strolls out. Course, he knows exactly what has happened (defective washer caught in valve) and we all stand there introducing ourselves while Old Faithful does its thing. Beverly, his wife, had taken off for the office to report the problem. Within minutes the onsite manager came over with his cell phone to his ear and told us help was on the way. Ed determines then that he should have left his hose on it, kinked the hose and put on a hose nozzle which he had. Duh. Yeh, Ed, but to fix it now would require someone getting really wet. Soon the maintenance guy came and asked them to move. . . no, let's just shut the water off. Terry had already pulled out a plastic hose shutoff (he keeps a couple just for occasions like this). The maintenance man did shut the water off, Terry put on the shutoff and all was well. You just can't make this stuff up. It was quite entertaining.

We are parked in front of the RV Security shack here at the Agrirama and we noticed that after the museum hours last night there were about a dozen cars that came and parked near the shack. The security gal comes over every evening to chat a bit, so we asked her if they were having a party. Oh no, she said, "Those are our resident GhostBusters!" They come periodically with their ghostbusting equipment and attempt to commune with the spirits which they say are present in the 1870's farm village. Hmmmmm. Interesting. She said that the head Ghostbuster claims one spirit likes her and follows her around. Reportedly, they have pictures of "orbs" and "fogs" and other "evidence" of lurking spirits. . . . Okay. As long as they stay on that side of the fence and leave the campers alone. I'm cool with that.

Till next time. . .


Boy, I don't know how much more excitement I can stand. That was enough for one day, anyway.

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