Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, we did it. . . we went to Babyland. . . however, we resisted the urge to adopt. . .

What is Babyland? Why, it is the home of the Cabbage Patch doll! They were conceived and delivered in the town of Cleveland, Georgia, just a few miles up the road. Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home, so I didn't have a chance to take pictures. It didn't help that we were there on a Saturday, and every little girl in the state was in there to pick out their new adoptee.

It is a marketing marvel. The "hospital" is located in a former medical clinic and all the people there are dressed as doctors or nurses and they fuss over the thousands of dolls as though they were real babies. They appear to have a lot of fun. . . but it gives new meaning to the term. . . "get a life!" hahaha. Actually it was quite fun. Terry particularly liked the "cabbage patch" which had doll heads growing among the cabbage leaves. Rather gross if you ask me. . . but the kids all liked it.

We left there and did a little drive out in the country. It was raining, so we only got out to look in a few shops.

We passed by Lake Lanier today on our way down to Gainesville. The lake is still down a lot and boat docks and piers are out of the water. Once we got to Gainesville, we met our friends, Ward and Pat who had to take their Bounder in to the service center to have some work done. We got there just as they got the "good" news. . . a part had to be ordered and it would be a few days before it arrived. We offered to drive them back to their house in Suches so they wouldn't have to drive the motorhome back up the mountain and back down in another week. So we took them back to their house after we ate lunch, of course.

The drive up the mountain to their house was a little misty, so I couldn't get a lot of scenery shots, but I did take some anyway. There is a waterfall along a curve where the rock shears. It was small, but quite pretty. We also passed by the grave of an Indian Princess, Trahlyta. She is buried here which is close to where her tribe lived. Just north of Ward and Pat's house is a wildlife area, so we went there and I took a few shots of the mountain stream.

Tomorrow we are headed to Helen to finish shopping in that little Bavarian town and then Wednesday we are headed out. We will leave here and spend the first night in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before heading to Dale Hollow Lake.

Till next time. . .


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