Friday, April 03, 2009

Goodbye, Jericho. . . We will miss you.

My daughter Jocelyn told me earlier this week that their almost 10 year old standard Poodle Jericho, a rescue, was in kidney failure. They discovered through ultrasound that he only had one functioning kidney. It did appear that they would measure the rest of his life by days. They chose to bring him home and keep him comfortable. His blood results continued to decline daily. He was already not eating or drinking and as she said, "He was ready." They had the vet come to the house today for the final act of love we can do for our suffering pets. They are having him cremated and will scatter his ashes along his favorite trails and from the mountain tops he would hike with the kids.

R.I.P. Jericho.


Alicia said...

Please tell your daughter, we feel their lost. Our prayers are with them.

Alicia and Roger

Dale said...

Thanks, Alicia. She reads the blog and will see your comment.


Jim said...

This is so sad Dale. So sorry to for your daughter. We're at a Heartland rally in Houston and one owner has 2 standard poodles. They are such great animals. It was nice to be able to pet and play with them as we miss our Yorkies who had to stay home this trip. Again, our condolences.

Be well.

Jim B

S. said...

I miss my "granddog" already! Everywhere I look in my house I see the things the kids left here for him..his quilt bed, toys, crate and bowls. He "crept into my heart". I will miss walking him. Or I mean, he walked me. But, as you said, it was his time and they did the right thing. He had the BEST YEARS of his life with Tom, Jocelyn and Ronan.

Dale said...

Thanks for your comments, Jim B. and Sharon. He was such a special dog. He loved Ronan and put his favorite toy in his crib when he was just an infant. He just couldn't wait till they could play. His time here was too short.