Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet my newest Granddog, Whiskey!

It has not been a good month for our family, dog-wise. First my granddog Jericho died of kidney failure, then little Bailey met him at the Rainbow Bridge, a victim of heart failure. My vet tells me we have improved the lives of our pets so much that they are now dying of the same diseases their humans do. How wonderful and sad all at the same time. He assures me the one big difference is that we can choose to end our wee ones' suffering which I have had to do too many times.

So on the good news front, Jocelyn, Tom and Ronan have added Whiskey to their home. Whiskey is a standard chocolate poodle who was dumped in the overnight pen at a shelter in Kentucky. His hair was long and matted and he has some scars on him, probably from his life on the run. He was turned over to a German Shephard rescue who cleaned him up, neutered him (ouch), and cut his hair. . . SHORT! But it will grow out. He is now home in Virginia with the family and enjoying his fenced in yard and his warm home. Ronan has been trying to get Whiskey out to "run" with him today. Whiskey isn't quite certain what to make of all this, but he will find his niche and fit in nicely.

And, of course, when they come next month, they will bring Whiskey with them!

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Nice looking dog, but his eyes are so sad. It makes you wonder what they would tell you if they could. I am so grateful for people who rescue dogs. It is the ultimate service.

Hope Whiskey adjusts and loves his new home.


Dale said...

That look is very typical among adult rescues. It takes a little while for them to understand they are safe and in their forever home. Whiskey has hit the lottery with my daughter and family. He will enjoy hiking, walks, a new boy to play with and more love than you can imagine.