Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rally Time at Camp Pull-Tab!

This is the time of year when we normally put on a rally at the Elkhart Campground. It has been a great success and year after year we always had more rigs coming. We opted not to do it this year. We always billed it as the "first campout of the season" and once our grandson was born in April, it made it harder for us to keep it the same weekend. We would much rather spend as much time as we like with Ronan and his parents.

SO, after we left Virginina, we opted to pass through Ohio and celebrate the time with two of our favorite people, Tab and Deanna. They always have the welcome mat out and we can always count on two other things as well. . . food (this time prepared by Tab and Deanna) and ICE CREAM! They took us to Springfield to the Marble Slab Creamery. Boy was that good! Thanks to two very special people. A very special little "mini rally."

From there, it was back to Summit Lake Campground in our old stompin' grounds. Two of my colleagues retired, so I wanted to attend their celebration and wish them well. It was great fun and we shared a lot of laughs. I got to see many teachers I once saw every day. We also got another invite to join some former neighbors at Texas Roadhouse in Muncie. What fun that was. We haven't seen these friends just to sit and talk for years. When we left the Roadhouse, we went to Richard's Restaurant and enjoyed coffee and just talked till the restaurant closed.

On Sunday we visited with friends Dave, Mark and Joyce and had dinner. Dave fixed up a chicken pot pie (one of my favorites) along with a few other goodies including fresh cookies. Terrific! I once again got my "black Scottie" fix with their Baxter, now seven months old. He is such a cutie. But I also spent some time at the camp visiting with two demure Scottie lassies. I saw them soon after they arrived and had to go over to pet them. Imagine my surprise when the dogs' owner turned out to be a woman who used to work at my school. I knew she had Scotties and I often wondered about them when we were in the area.

We have now been in Goshen at the fairgrounds since last Monday. It has been a busy week because I had a dental appointment and we had several "landlord" items to take care of. We have a wedding in the family next weekend and I wanted a new dress for that. I was able to find what I wanted, plus the shoes as well. So I am all set.

Here at the fairgrounds, the Holiday Rambler Pusher rally has just ended and now the Monaco rally is starting. They have 13 rallies here at the fairgrounds, plus the big fair in July. At least there are a lot of people around. We are not at the Elkhart Campground just yet, because two bridges we could cross to get there are all torn up. Traffic is a bit of a bear so we came here instead. When we get back from Florida in July, we will be at the Elkhart Campground, however, because of the rally schedule here.

I just had to add a picture of Neal stylin' in his new coat.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I noticed a scottie in a stroller. Black, but his longer hairs were coming quite gray. Full beard. Gorgeous dog. His mom said he was friendly and I could pet him. Turns out he's mostly blind and somewhat deaf and has scottie cramp and is very, very old. But he likes his walks, so she takes him in a stroller (I think he's recovering from surgery, as well).

Anyhow, they also had what looked like an old style cocker, I pet her and realized SHE was a cockapoo. So soft, like a poodle. :)

Who's getting married?

Jim said...

Darn - I just missed you guys. While I was in Elkhart Wed-Fri, I popped on down to the Fairgrounds to walk my building with a local dealer. Maybe catch you in Elkhart in July.


Dale said...

Jim, Sorry we missed you. We will be in the area in July and August. Maybe we can connect then.


Anonymous said...

We were sorry to miss you too. Thanks for the note. We drove into the fairgrounds in our car and the Monaco host stopped us, lol. They asked us to be "careful of the big rigs coming in." I guess he didn't notice our tow hitch on the front of the Subie.

Safe travels....Florida in July?

Susan (Happy Trails)

Dale said...

Hah hah, Susan. Yeh, we must be crazy. Actually we have a son in Melbourne and there is always a breeze there. We haven't been uncomfortable there yet.