Friday, May 29, 2009

Roll with the punches. . .

That's what ya' gotta' do. It just doesn't pay to get your blood pressure up. Yesterday started out bad and went downhill fast.

We planned to go out boating, so I got started making the bed. Hmmmmm. Seems it's a little easier tucking things in. . . TERRY!!!!!!! The bed sprung a leak! Sure enough, air was escaping. . . not a lot, but a leak nonetheless. So we stripped the bed, found the leak, and deflated it and threw it away. Grabbed the new "backup bed" from the closet, inflated it, and made it all up. Back in business.

Now, yes, we have an air bed. It's $19.88 at Target and they last about a year. So I keep one in the closet all the time. I've had a lifetime of back problems and tried every air bed out there including the extemely expensive Sleep Number Bed. I have to tell you, I was so disappointed in that system. Primarily because we considered it junk to begin with. . . two air mattresses, some foam, and a cover. Bingo. Oh yea, then the pumps that I had no place for. Anyway, it was not good for me. So we returned it under their 30-day money back guarantee. Yea, hahahahah. Try that. They tell you that but they don't want you to do that. I did finally get a credit, but I still had to pay a shipping fee both ways which I didn't get back. We experimented with others that we liked, but they didn't hold up more than a few months, so we finally bought a cheap air mattress. Works better than anything else we have tried. Cheap, does the trick, and easy to find.

Okay, so we got that taken care of and headed out on the lake. Boat was running beautifully so we headed out of the Obey River and onto the main water. Out there we saw an EAGLE! He was fishing. At one point he dove and grabbed a fish in his talons but dropped it about a foot off the water. He eventually moved on and I hope he got his fish somewhere else. He had a white head and white tail, so I believe that makes him a bald eagle. It was not possible to get a closeup, but I'm hoping you can see a little if this picture blows up.

We drove on and perused some of the docks we used to frequent. At Willow Grove we saw them taking a houseboat out of the water. Something must have been wrong because it looked like it was all decked out. On to Hendricks Creek and then on the way back I asked to stop at Sulphur Creek. We had not stopped at any of the other places, and as we pulled into a slip, the engine died. Tried to start it and all we got was a tell-tale click. A mechanic checked it out and determined it is the starter. And of course, ours is a hybrid engine and no one stocks parts for it. What's worse, we were 20 miles from camp by water and 35 miles by land. But, the wonderful mechanic said he would take us home in his truck if we waited till he quit at 4:30. So we got home around 5:45. Neal was sitting with his legs crossed, but he managed to wait till we got him out the door. He is a good boy.

So this morning we went to our storage garage and got the trailer and drove the hour and a half back to Sulphur Creek and the mechanic there towed our boat around. We are really thankful for that because there was one large expanse of water we didn't know how we were going to traverse. We loaded the boat and brought it back to our storage bay. The mechanic there believes he has a part for it, so when he gets it changed out, we will be good to go.


Moogie's had been for sale for a couple years. Sunset Dock finally bought it and tore it down. There are no plans to rebuild it. Sunset Dock has a very nice restaurant and is now offering an expanded menu.

The park has been virtually empty this week. That has all changed today. Campers are rolling in by the dozens. I'm surprised they are still coming as I would think all the sites are filled. We are snug in our "special" site back about 150 feet off the road, no one beside us, no kids running through our camp, and no noise. Very peaceful.

Till next time. . .


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